Phil Mickelson on Jon Rahm's PGA Tour idea? "It will never happen, unless..."

Phil Mickelson says Jon Rahm's idea for the PGA Tour 'will never happen' unless it were to be adopted by the rival LIV Golf League.

Phil Mickelson on Jon Rahm's PGA Tour idea? "It will never happen, unless..."
Phil Mickelson on Jon Rahm's PGA Tour idea? "It will never happen, unless…

Jon Rahm doubled down on his support for under fire PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan before the FedEx Cup playoffs

Then a question appeared to stump him somewhat. The question from the reporter, in Rahm's opinion, was too vague. 

A reporter put it to the Spaniard: "If you had the chance to ask one question or make one change, what would that be?"

Rahm said he had 'no idea' what was to come next in the world of men's professional golf. 

But still, there was one thing that he would love to see. More toilets on the course. 


"I cant choose where I have to go to the bathroom," Rahm said, before explaining:

"I can tell you right now my priorities are a lot lower than what a lot of people would think. If I have to -- if I go by request -- I know this is going to sound very stupid, but as simple as having a freaking Port-a-Potty on every hole -- I know it sounds crazy, but I can't choose when I have to go to the bathroom. I've told the tour this many times, as simple as that.
"Just simple little things better for the tour. Even though they do a phenomenal job throughout the year, just making it more consistent."


One person who has taken notice of Rahm's comments is LIV Golf's Phil Mickelson

Mickelson took to social media to state that Rahm's idea would never happen. 

Unless LIV started doing it and in that case the PGA Tour would adopt it immediately. 

See here:

What did Rahm say about Monahan?

Monahan has now returned to work and is in the process of hashing out a deal with LIV Golf before the end of the year. 

He was scheduled to meet players before the FedEx St. Jude Championship. 

A key executive, Andy Pazder, quit on the eve of the playoffs. 

Part of Pazder's role would have seen him work out a pathway back for LIV golfers should they wish to return and compensate those who stayed loyal to the North American circuit. 

Some players have called for Monahan to quit but Rahm reckons he should be given time. 

He said:

"I think I made my stance on that at The Open clear. I think he should have the opportunity right now to finish this off the way he did. I think we're quickly forgetting how well he managed a lot of things.
"He did an amazing job in COVID and kept a lot of people employed. We were the first major sport to come back. I know UFC was doing fights, but we were the major sport to come back.
"A lot of players were able to earn their cards and keep competing thanks to that. I think we shouldn't forget that that quickly. Again, we should give him the chance to see this through.
"Then after everything is said and done, if players want to make a change, then that would be a better time, but right now I don't think it is."

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