Report: Jay Monahan told PGA Tour players "get off the fence"

Commissioner Jay Monahan reportedly told players they need to get "off the fence" and fight for the future of the PGA Tour. 

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Wed, 22 Jun 2022
Report: Jay Monahan told PGA Tour players "get off the fence"

Jay Monahan reportedly told players to "get off the fence and fight" for the future of the PGA Tour, according to Golfweek. 

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The journalist and broadcaster Eamon Lynch has written a scathing editorial lambasting Brooks Koepka's apparent decision to defect ot LIV Golf.

His report quotes some of what was spoken about during a recent meeting Monahan had with PGA Tour players.

Koepka grew frustrated with the media when asked about the topic of LIV Golf at the most recent US Open. He claimed a black cloud was being cast over the major. 

The 32-year-old, who has won four majors and eight times on the PGA Tour, including six on the European circuit, has deleted any mention of the PGA Tour in his Twitter bio. 

Curiously, he has also dropped any mention of Nike and was also not using his Srixon driver or golf ball at The Country Club at Brookline. 

Though Srixon have claimed that they are fine-tuning his equipment. 

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Lynch's report, which you can read here, outlines some of the details that PGA Tour commissioner Monahan spoke about in a private meeting on Tuesday morning. 

He reports that the sentiment on the range at TPC River Highlands after the meeting was "mixed", with some players expressing support and faith for Monahan. 

But that was "tempered" others expressing "frustration and irritation" that Monahan hasn't been out in the public slugging the Saudis often enough. 

Monahan did recently join a CBS broadcast during the coverage of the RBC Canadian Open. 

Rory McIlroy won that tournament - his 21st on the PGA Tour - and took the opportunity to chide Greg Norman. 

Though when Monahan did speak on the broadcast, he faced accusations of hypocrisy and that he was trying to emotionally blackmail players. 

"When have you ever had to apologise for being a member of the PGA Tour?" he asked, referencing a letter written by the family members those affected by 9/11.

Monahan reportedly told the players at the most recent meeting that they need to get off the fence and fight for their Tour, too. 

The report also states that the players asked who would pay the lawyers if and when the LIV Golf players litigate. 

Ian Poulter has pledged to appeal his ban on the PGA Tour. Phil Mickelson has not resigned from the PGA Tour, insisting that he has earned his life membership it and that it should be his choice on whether he plays future events. 

Monahan reportedly told players "you will", explaining that the Tour is an association of collective members and that a suit launched by one player is a suit launched against (and defended by) every player.

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