RUMOUR: PGA chief to quit over LIV Golf "There needs to be somebody with BALLS!"

PGA Tour pro Robert Garrigus believes Jay Monahan will be departing his role within the next two years as he slammed the lack of action over LIV Golf.

RUMOUR: PGA chief to quit over LIV Golf "There needs to be somebody with BALLS!"
RUMOUR: PGA chief to quit over LIV Golf "There needs to be somebody with…

Embattled PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan is likely to depart his role "within a year or two" according to one pro, who claimed "the f***ing goobers" around him "failed to prepare their King" for the emergence of LIV Golf

Robert Garrigus has spoken to The Fire Pit Collective's Ryan French to discuss a number of topics including the PGA Tour's response to Greg Norman's upstart, which is financed by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. 

Garrigus, who labelled Billy Horschel a "d*****bag" who "won't shut the f*** up" in the The Grind podcast - which you can listen to here - claimed that everyone he has spoken to believes "nice guy" Monahan will be leaving his role within the next two years. 

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RUMOUR: PGA chief to quit over LIV Golf

Chief of Garrigus' gripes is that the team around Monahan failed to properly prepare him for what has happened. It does seem hard to believe the landscape of professional golf has shifted so much in less than a year.

The one-time PGA Tour winner believes it is not Monahan's job to be fighting fires, though it would appear he would welcome a bit more honesty from the top brass. 

Garrigus was asked by French if Monahan still commands the support of the majority of the PGA Tour membership. 

RUMOUR: PGA chief to quit over LIV Golf

He said: "You know, it's a mixed bag to be quite honest. Every single guy that I've talked to said that he's probably going to be gone in the next year or two. 

"Which, I don't know what's going to happen with that. Like I said, he's a really nice guy but he's not a very good war time president to be kind of blunt about it. 

"He didn't really prepare for this and we all know it and he knows it. All he can really do is give you the business-like answer and say this was all planned but that is all bull****."

"All of a sudden they find hundreds of millions of dollars out of nowhere and say,  'This is what we planned on doing'.

"That's bull***. They didn't plan on doing any of this. They were forced to throw money in the hat because their players are going to LIV. 

"They just won't admit it which is annoying." 

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RUMOUR: PGA chief to quit over LIV Golf

He continued: "Now they are trying to hide the fact that they've known about this for years and basically dismissed everything that Greg Norman was going to do, like, 'He can't get a Tour going, he won't be able to sustain it, the Saudis won't put enough money up.' 

"Well, the Saudis are putting up f***ing billions and now the PGA Tour has got to fork out a little bit too.

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"I think the people on the PGA tour, including myself, know that Jay has got to ... I don't think he needs to be fired but I think there needs to be somebody in there that might have some balls. That's not apparent right now. 

"He has to be so political. He has to be so - I guess - he has to tip toe around every situation with a business-like manner. I've known that from every PGA Tour commissioner especially [Tim] Finchem. 

"Finchem didn't even know my name. You could introduce yourself and five minutes later [he'd be like] 'Who are you?' I couldn't stand it. 

"But Jay knows everybody. He's a really nice guy. I just don't think that he was ready ... and I don't think it's him per se, I think it's the team around him that are are bunch of f***ing goobers. All of them. And it's so unfortunate that the people around him didn't prepare him."

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He added: "It's not really his job to fight the fires. He gets up and says everything. I think everybody around him who gets paid millions of dollars to sit in a cart and be a mope, that is just ... I can't stand that.

"The people that do not do s*** and get paid $1.5m, there's a bunch of them out there [and] it's really, really frustrating when those people didn't prepare their King so to speak because everybody kisses Jay's ass like he's the King. They didn't prepare him for it.

"It's unfortunate. We all saw it coming and nobody did anything about it." 

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