Scottie Scheffler's message to PGA Tour: "Alright, kick me out the tournament"

Scottie Scheffler says he is split on the PGA Tour's decision to remove cuts in 2024. 

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Wed, 8 Mar 2023
Scottie Scheffler's message to PGA Tour: "Alright, kick me out the tournament"

Scottie Scheffler admits he would rather the PGA Tour just "kicked him out of the tournament" if he was playing badly rather than make him play on over the weekend to just keep sponsors happy. 

Scheffler was asked in the media centre at The Players what he made of the PGA Tour's decision to remove cuts in their limited-field Designated Events in 2024. 

While Scheffler explained he was 50/50 on the decision, he was leaning much more on the side of keeping cuts in play. 

Scheffler said: 

"The cuts is a hard one because I don't have a strong opinion either way, I'm 50/50 on that because as a player I think a cut is good. 
"I think when you go the other side and you go to a sponsor, a cut is bad, but from a players' point of view there is value making cuts. 
"If we are going to have an Elevated Event the week before a major and there is no cut and I show up and play two awful rounds, sometimes you would rather be like 'alright just kick me out of the tournament, let me go regroup and get ready for next week'."

Scheffler, did however, admit he can see good reason for why cuts are bad.

"From a sponsor and fan point of view, it's arguably not very good, and so, for me, I don't stand too hard on one side of the fence on that.
"I'm not the guy running the business, I'm the one out here trying to play, and so all I can do is go out there and approach these events. 
"It's something maybe we'll fiddle around with in the future, I don't know exactly what the format will be for every event next year but we'll see."

Scheffler's views about cut marks were similar to that of DP World Tour pro Eddie Pepperell's comments last week. 

The reigning Masters champion and World No.2 also spoke about his excitement to tee it up alongside World No.1 Jon Rahm and World No.3 Rory McIlroy for the opening two rounds this week.

Scheffler can return to World No.1 providing results go this way and he finishes in front of both Rahm and McIlroy. 

Surprisingly, his best result at TPC Sawgrass is a tie for 55th, but he's looking to turn his fortunes around this week.

Scheffler said: 

"The way I'm approaching it is I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
"Rory [McIlroy] and Jon [Rahm] are very talented golfers. I'm just looking forward to going out there and watching them play and having a good time out there and competing together.
"I'm sure that the fans will be out there watching us, and it will be a lot of fun. Hopefully we'll be able to make some birdies and give them some roars. Should be a lot of fun.
"Hopefully we'll all continue to play great golf. I think it's fun having three guys kind of jostling for the world No 1 and I'm very pleased to be one of them. Rory and Jon are both such talented players that any time I can be spoken in the same breath as those guys it's special for me.
"Especially growing up watching a guy like Rory play golf for a long time. So hopefully we'll continue to play good and be able to compete for a long time out here."

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