Shane Lowry on split with Bo: "I'm not a caddie firer or anything!"

PGA Tour pro Shane Lowry has opened up on his split with caddie Brian 'Bo' Martin after the 2023 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass.

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Mon, 13 Mar 2023
Shane Lowry on split with Bo: "I'm not a caddie firer or anything!"

Shane Lowry has revealed his split with Brian 'Bo' Martin 'came out of nowhere' but was prompted by a bad start to the year. 

It seems hard to believe that after watching the images of the pair embracing when clinching the 2019 Open that their relationship would sour. 

But that is apparently what happened. They lost their mojo. 

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Lowry began his year playing in the DP World Tour's Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship.

It was a decent enough start, as he tied for the lead going into the final round. 

A missed cut followed at the Hero Dubai Desert Classic - which was won by Rory McIlroy after his tee gate drama with Patrick Reed

That poor showing 'got me a little bit', Lowry said and he decided to have a conversation with Bo. 

Lowry told the media after the 2023 Players the split 'kinda came out of nowhere'. 

He continued: 

"We started in the Middle East, and I had a bad couple of weeks, and we just kind of, we had a chat and things weren't going -- when I sit down and look at it things that weren't going as well as I probably thought.
"It got to me a little bit, and I just needed some fresh -- I knew, when it happened, I had no one in mind, no one lined up, so I didn't know what to do."

Lowry now has Darren Reynolds on the bag. He's previously worked with Alex Levy and even Paul McGinley. 

He said: 

"I've known Darren for years. He had just started with Alex Levy on the European Tour. That's almost why I didn't want to ask him, because I knew he just got a new job and I didn't want to take him away and then it not work out for us.
"But, frankly, he was one of the few options I had, and we just had a chat. He caddied for me during COVID for a few weeks when Bo couldn't, and yeah, it's been going pretty good."

He stressed that during his 14-year career he's only had two caddies. 

Lowry added:

"I'm not exactly a caddie firer or anything. This is my third caddie. And it did take me -- that week in Phoenix was a bit weird for me, and I felt a bit different.
"But thankfully we went to LA and we had a decent result, and then we went and contended at the Honda.
"Bay Hill didn't go to play, but Bay Hill is not a place I typically go, and then but for the first round here, we've had a decent week this week, so it's gone well so far."

Lowry is in the field for the WGC Match Play. After that, he'll take some time off at home before the 2023 Masters

Interestingly, it was during the 2022 Masters that Lowry was filmed cursing at the aforementioned Martin after a mis-clubbing. 

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