Tour pro who 'never' got LIV offer: "I would like to be rewarded for loyalty"

"I think he said that about Tiger and Rory, didn't he?"

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Fri, 9 Jun 2023
Tour pro who 'never' got LIV offer: "I would like to be rewarded for loyalty"

There is no indication Chesson Hadley received a concrete offer from LIV Golf, but he still wants some compensation from the PGA Tour. 

Hadley is currently ranked 297th in the OWGR - his highest was 56th - and is playing in the Canadian Open

That has been overshadowed somewhat given the PGA Tour has decided to partner with LIV's Saudi backers to create a new for-profit golf entity. 

Understandably, the reaction to the proposal has been somewhat mixed. Rory McIlroy? He's at peace with it, despite being feeling like a sacrificial lamb

McIlroy later claimed 'there should be something' by way of compensation for the players who decided to turn down mega offers. 

PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan - who has faced calls for his resignation for his hypocrisy - has stated players will be financially rewarded. 

It would be of no surprise that list would include the likes of McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, Scottie Scheffler etc. 

Should that include Hadley? He concluded yes. After his first round at Oakdale Golf and Country Club he stated he should be offered something. 

He asked a reporter: "Is it true that Jay said he's going to reward those who stayed loyal to the Tour? Did he say that?"

Hadley continued:

"I think he said that about Rory and Tiger, didn't he? Anyway. I would like to be rewarded for some loyalty. I mean, I felt those guys didn't do the wrong thing, who went to LIV. They made a business decision. I don't hold that against anybody. But I would like to be rewarded for my decision to stay loyal."

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The tour pro stated he feels a little bit in the dark with plans for the PGA Tour going forward. 

He urged the top brass to 'get a move on' and start answering the questions the membership have. 

He added: 

"So, there's some long-term things that I would like to see and some short-term things, obviously, we just don’t know anything short-term. So, hopefully, they can get a move on it and they can start giving us some answers to a lot of the questions that we have. Because I, I mean, I know nothing. I know as much as you know."

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