What are the ACTUAL ODDS of becoming the next Tiger Woods?

We have all dreamt of winning majors as top professional golfers in our minds, but statistically, what are the odds of someone becoming the next Tiger Woods?

What are the ACTUAL ODDS of becoming the next Tiger Woods?
What are the ACTUAL ODDS of becoming the next Tiger Woods?

Apart from eclipsing the major haul of the great Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods has achieved all there is to achieve in the world of golf.

He is a 15-time major champion. He has won 82 times on the PGA Tour and he spent 683 weeks as World No.1. After experiencing countless injury setbacks and endless doubts, he won the 2019 Masters ending an 11-year major drought.

Woods also holds a significant cultural presence in the game. When he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, he told the audience he wasn't allowed into some clubhouses as a junior golfer because he was black.

He is an icon that transcends the game which many people look up to. This has been evident in the past few days at Pebble Beach as Woods has hosted the TGR Junior Invitational.

However, from the start of his golf career, how likely was it that Woods achieved all that he did? What are the odds of someone replicating this success and becoming one of the greatest golfers ever?

According to a staggering report by AceOdds, the probability of Woods having his exact career was 24 decillion to 1. To be exact: 24,264,319,251,898,376,952,000,000,000,000,000/1. This is essentially the probability of someone becoming an all-time star of golf.

AceOdds completed in-depth research into some of sport's biggest legends such as Venus Williams, Usain Bolt and Cristiano Ronaldo. The report discovered that Woods' career was the most unlikely to be produced again.

As per the research, the odds of Williams having her illustrious tennis career was 3.6 sextillion to 1. LeBron James achieved odds of 27 quadrillion to 1 to be a four-time NBA champion, four-time NBA MVP and 18-time NBA All-Star.

AceOdds also analysed the percentage of professional golfers that are produced in each country. America dominates this department in the men's game by producing 23.09% of top-tier male golfers. Korea produces 22.39% of professional female golfers. 

AceOdds allows you to discover the odds of your own personal success. Via an online calculator, you can work out what probability you need to defy to become a GOAT yourself.

These astronomic figures should certainly not discourage anyone from setting goals and achieving their dreams. If anything, they emphasise how difficult it is to find success at the top level of sport.



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