Who is Jon Rahm's wife? Meet college sweetheart Kelley Cahill

Jon Rahm experienced the best moment of his career at the weekend when he won the US Open at Torrey Pines.

Who is Jon Rahm's wife?: Meet college sweetheart Kelley Cahill
Who is Jon Rahm's wife?: Meet college sweetheart Kelley Cahill

Jon Rahm and his wife Kelley Cahill are college sweethearts and they had arguably one of their happiest days on Sunday when the popular Spaniard won the US Open.

Rahm made birdies on the 17th and 18th holes at Torrey Pines to move to 6-under-par, which proved to be enough to finish ahead of Louis Oosthuizen and to lift his maiden major championship.

Although the new World No. 1 suffered severe disappointment at the Memorial Tournament when he was forced to withdraw, 2021 has been an incredibly memorable year for Rahm and his wife Kelley.

Kelley met her future husband at Arizona State University in America, where she competed as a javelin thrower. As well as excelling in athletics, she was also a very good tennis player.

Both of them are extremely competitive athletes and this is probably a key feature as to why the pair are such a good match.

Rahm and Kelley had lived together for two years before they got married in December 2019, in Bilbao, Spain near Barrika where Rahm is from.

In April this year, the pair welcomed their first child into the world when their son Kepa was born. There was a concern that Rahm would have to miss out on The Masters, as he would need to be present for his son's birth however this proved not to be the case.

Although their son may be too young to remember his dad's win at the US Open, we are certain that he and Kelley will continue to make more memories for their family.



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