PSi iron review

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 28 Sep 2015
PSi iron review
It is a hard task emulating something already impressive, but TaylorMade has done that and more with the PSi

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Power-packed iron - the longest in our test, strong workability, soft feel on centre strikes, lovely sound at impact, well balanced stock KBS Tour shaft, nice moderate topline, progressive set
Prefer the all-round looks of the RSi 2
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PRICE: £799.00 YEAR: from 2015

Tiny refinements to the new power-packed PSi iron ensure TaylorMade maintains its position as a gold award winner in our latest irons test.

The “Players Slotted iron”, replacing the former RSi 2 and RSi TP, once again features eye-catching face slots in the heel and toe to straighten out your inaccuracies, but this time around there is an improved Speed Pocket in the sole.

TaylorMade has revamped its famous "cut-thru" slot to feed directly into the cavity undercut – a move the brand claims increases speeds for shots struck lower on the face.


The PSi is not massively different to the RSi 2 but that is a good thing because we adore the clean and precise look when standing over the ball. We do prefer the look of the RSi 2 irons in the bag, however, but that is more of personal preference.

Testing out the PSi six iron, the moderate topline will likely appeal to all better players and the face slots act as terrific alignment at address. You really do feel locked into the strike, almost as if you are putting.

The PSi also features a progressive set where the blade length, topline thickness and offset increase gradually from the wedges to the long irons – elements that once again inspire confidence.

TESTED: Best player irons 2015


The feel on off-centre hits is arguably better than ever before when it comes to a TaylorMade iron.

A new Dynamic Feel System (DFS) cushions the vibration at impact on shots struck away from the centre, simply by using dampening compounds and a multi-material badge.

On centre strikes, you really do feel the ball zip nicely up off the face and it possesses a very sweet sound – something that is becoming music to TaylorMade’s ears right now.   

The feel off the face on centre strikes is just as soft as the RSi 2 iron and the stock KBS Tour C Taper 105 shaft felt nicely balanced.


Following our test with a PSi six iron where we struck 20 shots, it is evident the tweak to the Speed Pocket works wonders.

Ball speed was up on average an additional 2mph to 117mph, and as a result our carry distance was up eight yards against the RSi 2 iron at 185 yards – our longest in the test.

And pleasingly, the loft of the PSi six iron has been cranked the opposite way as to what you might have expected from 27 degrees on the RSi 2 iron to 27.5 degrees.

Our backspin also saw a pleasing rise of 200 RPM to 5600 RPM against last year’s iron.

Workability is another asset of this club as we had no issues swinging the ball from left to right or right to left, and flighting it up or keeping it down.


It is a hard task emulating something already impressive, but TaylorMade has done that and more with the PSi.

Although we slightly prefer the looks of last year’s RSi 2 iron, we were more taken by the PSi’s feel and performance.

By no means cheap at £799 for the set, but if you have the cash to splash get involved with this one when it hits the shelves on 6 November 2015. 

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