Review: PING Anser Hybrid

PING Anser Hybrid was bagged by yet another winner on Tour at the weekend. But why is it proving so successful?

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Tue, 30 Jul 2013
Review: PING Anser Hybrid

This classic looking hybrid features a traditional shape in a 17-4 stainless-steel body, where the centre of gravity moves progressively through the lofts.

Perhaps the most interesting facet on first inspection is that there's no adjustable hosel to play around with because the 0.5-degree increments don't have a big enough effect in the hybrid size of head to make it worthwhile. 

To compensate, PING designers have ensured the internal and external weightings vary to gain optimum trajectory.

The lower part of the clubface also sits wider and squarer than normal to help alignment and contact - the head is approximately 5% larger than the PING i20 Hybrid.

The brand has also positioned the hybrid right up there for forgiveness levels, trajectory and workability. To me, this is a club that quite simply works for all ages and abilities as it's effortlessly easy to get airborne and swing freely. 

Placing the Anser Hybrid down behind the ball off the deck, I instantly took a shine to the iron-like feel and impeccable colour finish - something that has appealed to just about everytime I've picked up a PING club this season.

The ball flies quickly up off the face and delivers a lovely, high trajectory - perfect for someone like myself who struggles to get a 3- or 4-iron up in the sky. 

Turf interaction is also very efficient. Even when striking this hybrid out the intermediate rough or first cut, the ball still flies out high and hot. 


Impressive. Up there with the very best hybrids this season and it's clear to see why the leading lights of world golf, many of whom who aren't PING staff players, are placing faith in the PING Anser Hybrid.

It's a little expensive for a hybrid at more than £100 but that does appear the norm these days. 

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