A Spin MACHINE! Callaway JAWS Raw Golf Wedge Review

Alex from GolfMagic assessed the performance of the Callaway Jaws Raw wedges which proved to be the ultimate spin machine around the greens.

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Matt Chivers
Wed, 24 Aug 2022
A Spin MACHINE! Callaway JAWS Raw Golf Wedge Review

Need To Know

- The Callaway Jaws Raw wedges offer superb a spin rate and there is versatility throughout the set.
- At £169.00, this will be too expensive for some golfers.
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PRICE: £169.00 YEAR: from 2022

The Callaway Jaws Raw wedges are an extremely impressive release from one of the top brands in the game in 2022. With their aggressive grooves and positive feel, they will definitely prove to be popular.

From hitting full 56-degree shots from the middle of the fairway to skipping 52-degree pitches into a back pin on the green, this is a versatile set that allows you to hit any type of shot.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge took the 56-degree and the 52-degree editions of the Callaway Jaws Raw wedges out to the course to assess their performances.

You can watch our full review video below here. Leave your views in the comments section below the video and let us know if you would like the Jaws Raw wedges tested against any other short game clubs of 2022.



What are the Callaway Jaws Raw wedges all about? 

One of the most exciting features of the Callaway Jaws Raw wedges is the Raw face which rusts over time. This is a very different feature that's been included when compared with the previous Mack Daddy and Full Toe ranges of years previous.

The Raw face and the aggressive grooves make these wedges what we describe as 'spin machines'. The aggressive grooves are massively beneficial for spin control in short chips and full shots into the green.

We found that when striking the ball from the middle of the fairway, the strike was nippy off the face and this adds to the maximum-spin experience.

Without a full face of grooves, this is not a forgiving wedge and it is not suitable for game improvement. However, we liked the pearl-shaped finish and the straight leading edge instills confidence throughout the set.

Which golfers should use the Callaway Jaws Raw wedges?

We wouldn't recommend this club for high handicappers. The Callaway Jaws Raw wedges are better suited to players who feel comfortable controlling the spin they get on the ball.

Looks and feel

These new wedges look phenomenal. In our opinion, the look is comparable to the Titleist Vokey wedges which are some of the most impressive and popular clubs in the game.

We found the Callaway Jaws Raw wedges to have a very positive feel. At address, there aren't as many visible grooves as the previous Full Toe iterations, which would make it feel less forgiving.

The Jaws Raw Wedges come in two different colour finishes: black and silver. This will appeal to a larger number of golfers who may prefer a darker finish over a silver finish.


We were very impressed with the spin rate from the middle of the fairway. As you can see in the footage above, Alex got a lot of action and backspin when the balls landed on the green.

As an amateur golfer, you may find it hard to control the amount of spin you get on your approach shots, but we can definitely see professional golfers enjoying the performance of this new Callaway wedge.

On the shorter shots from 50 yards away, the Jaws Raw wedge didn't achieve as much backspin as with full shots, but this was expected as the 50-yard shots didn't fly as high.

These wedges are similar in quality to the TaylorMade MG3 offerings, but with an added level of versatility. The aggressive face helps ball-striking and again, the rate of spin is mightily impressive.


Wedges are similar to putters because when you choose your wedges for your golf bag, they need to intimately suit your game and you need to enjoy the look and feel of them as part of your short game.

The Callaway Jaws Raw wedges aren't the best on our list, but they aren't far off the quality and performance that the Titleist Vokey wedges have offered for years gone by.

This new release is certainly a strong offering in the professional game. The Jaws Raw Wedges will prove to be popular on the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour because they offer extreme workability and impressive spin rates.

The aggressive grooves will impress many players at the top of the game. Although these wedges are versatile throughout the set, we believe they are not as forgiving as some of their market rivals.

This is another highlight of Callaway's superb range of golf clubs in 2022. Earlier in the year, they released the Callaway Rogue ST range of drivers and fairways woods, producing one of the best golf drivers of the year in the Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS.

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