Fred Couples reveals what Rory McIlroy said to Joe LaCava at Ryder Cup

Couples reveals what Rory McIlroy said to Joe LaCava, and how "little Harry Diamond chimed in too..."

Fred Couples reveals what Rory McIlroy said to Joe LaCava on 18 at Ryder Cup
Fred Couples reveals what Rory McIlroy said to Joe LaCava on 18 at Ryder…

US Ryder Cup vice-captain Fred Couples has revealed more details about Rory McIlroy's bust-up with Patrick Cantlay's caddie Joe LaCava following the Ryder Cup at Marco Simone.

Couples, 64, gave more insight into their clash that started on the 18th green Saturday night when joining PGA Tour radio this week. 

As you will see from Couples' comments below, he raises the question "did anyone disrespect the European team?"

What caused the Rory McIlroy and Joe LaCava bust-up in the first place?

LaCava was seen taking off his cap and waving it in the air after his man Cantlay buried a 30-footer for birdie on the final hole in their fourballs match alongside Wyndham Clark and against McIlroy and Matt Fitzpatrick

Only LaCava kept the celebration going longer than necessary, at least in the eyes of McIlroy, who was lining up his own 20-footer to try to force a tied match.

McIlroy and LaCava then clashed, with Couples revealing below exactly what was said by the Northern Irishman. 

Fred Couples reveals what Rory McIlroy said to Joe LaCava at Ryder Cup

It should also be said that Couples, along with other members of Team USA beside the green, were also waving their caps at the same time as LaCava on the green. 

McIlroy then stepped in to his putt, clearly annoyed by what was playing out around him, and he missed. Fitzpatrick then also missed his own 15-footer, meaning Cantlay and Clark won the match 1up. 

There was then another altercation between McIlroy and LaCava upon shaking hands at the back of the green, to which other members of Team Europe got involved including Shane Lowry and vice-captain Thomas Bjorn

McIlroy then saw red in the car park as he took things out on Jim 'Bones' Mackay, the caddie of Justin Thomas, as he continued to get things off his chest where LaCava was concerned. Lowry then stepped in. 

The waving of the cap celebration from Team USA was a result of all the stick Cantlay had been receiving on the way round the golf course following a Sky Sports report about him choosing not to wear a cap at the Ryder Cup due to not being paid to play.

Cantlay has since hit out at Sky's Jamie Weir for that particular report, citing it "could not be further from the truth".

He said the cap simply did not fit, and that is the only reason. 

As for Cantlay's general feeling about competing in the Ryder Cup without earning a fee, he has chosen to remain silent.

Xander Schauffele is another player who is reportedly not best pleased about the distribution of profits from PGA of America.

What has Fred Couples said about the Rory McIlroy and Joe LaCava incident?

According to Couples, who was acting as one of Zach Johnson's vice-captains in Rome, McIlroy told LaCava to "moooove" when he got closer to him as he was lining up his own birdie attempt to try and force a tied match. 

Couples also reveals how Lowry and Bjorn shouted things at LaCava while all of this was going on, and how "little Harry Diamond chimed in too..."


Couples told PGA Tour Radio: 

“It’s the last match of the day. We are getting absolutely hammered. Now we have a chance to get a half... did someone do a Justin Leonard and run across the green? God bless Rory, cos when he makes a putt in the Ryder Cup he screams and yells, and Vamos and let's go and all that. That's what you should do. Joe LaCava was standing, I don't think he moved two feet, I've talked to Joe, he has caddied for me for 22 years, I asked him what was said? He said Rory looked at him and said, “Moooove” and he made the ‘ooo’ last a little longer. Joe replied, ‘Relax Rory.’ Then people think he shushed Rory when he did that hand gesture. Little Harry Diamond, who we all love too, caddies for Rory, then he chimed in. Joe said ‘I don’t have time for you.’ Then Joe turned to get out of the way. Now this is not a guess. Shane Lowry and Thomas Bjørn were screaming some things at him, which is fine. I don’t have any problem with Shane Lowry or Thomas Bjorn, they are protecting the No. 1 player on their team. No one did anything wrong. He didn’t bump into him, he didn’t stand over him. It wouldn’t be a 15-yard penalty in college football for taunting. He said he was six feet from him. Every angle I've seen. Was Joe right? Probably not. Did anyone disrespect the European team?"

LaCava is currently acting as Cantlay's caddie after being given permission by his former boss Tiger Woods, who continues to recover from ankle surgery. 

McIlroy returned on Sunday to win his Singles match against Sam Burns, and Cantlay also won his match against Justin Rose.

Team Europe won 16.5-11.5 as Team USA's wretched away record in the cup continued.


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