Paige Spiranac voices 'unpopular' Anthony Kim opinion

Paige Spiranac has given Anthony Kim her full backing to where 'what he wants' after the golfer was spotted on the range ahead of his LIV return.

Paige Spiranac voices 'unpopular' Anthony Kim opinion
Paige Spiranac voices 'unpopular' Anthony Kim opinion

Paige Spiranac gave her seal of approval of Anthony Kim's attire ahead of his return from the game with LIV Golf.  

Cult hero Kim will be making his first start in a professional golf event in 12 years when he tees it up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Friday. 

The American was a breakout star in the early 2000s and was widely tipped to become a superstar. Possibly Tiger Woods' heir. 

He starred in the 2008 Ryder Cup, won three times on the PGA Tour and grabbed himself a Masters birdie record but then the injuries came. 

Kim vanished after withdrawing from the PGA Tour's 2012 Wells Fargo Championship, citing injury. 

Aside from one interview with the Associated Press in 2015, we have barely seen or heard from Kim. 

Infrequent swing videos prompted golf fans to hyperventilate about his potential return. 

Comments from his former agent and caddie have also suggested Kim would one day return. 

In 2019, one golf fan claimed to have spotted Kim and asked him what was going on. Kim's response was allegedly: "My golf is non-existent."

An insurance policy, allegedly upwards of $10m, has always deterred Kim from returning after his career was derailed.

There has also been some suggestions that Kim never really took to life on Tour and has spent the last few years partying and visiting strip clubs. 

Hopefully we can get some answers later in the week but on Tuesday we got our first proper sighting of Kim in years. 

Andy Carter aka Carters Golf on YouTube managed to nab a swing video of Kim on the range at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club. 

You can see in the video posted below that Kim has now got long hair, a full sleeve tattoo and was also rocking a pair of Vans trainers. 

Hardly the type of attire we are accustomed to. Yet the aforementioned Paige gave her seal of approval. 

"Unpopular opinion but I wish all pro golfers could wear what they wanted," she wrote on X.  

"I think he looks cool. Would help promote the game to a younger audience."

See the video here:

Kim is not yet scheduled to take part in any official press conferences with LIV ahead of the $25m tournament in Jeddah. 

Before he officially signed with LIV on Monday, it had been reported Kim was in talk with the PGA Tour as well. 

He would have been guaranteed starts on the North American circuit under his past champion status but Kim decided to go with LIV. 

The reaction to Kim joining LIV so far has been mixed. Undoubtedly, the majority of golf fans are intrigued to see Kim. 

But he is now 38 years old and it seems more than likely that his myth will prove far more popular than the reality. 

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