Phil Mickelson gets involved in furious argument about LIV Golf/PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson decided to get involved in Anthony Kim's furious argument with Brandel Chamblee about LIV Golf and the PGA Tour.

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson couldn't help but get involved in a furious exchange between Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee as they argued about LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. 

Over the last couple of years Golf Channel analyst and one-time Tour winner Chamblee has been the instigator. 

But it was actually Kim who decided to put Chamblee in his crosshairs this week, describing the 61-year-old as a 'p----' for imploring the North American circuit to strike a deal with the breakaway tour's Saudi financiers. 


Chamblee's thoughts represented a seismic U-turn given the fact he previously called for Mickelson to be removed from golf's hall of fame for his close ties to the Saudis. 

Kim joined LIV in February having spent more than a decade in the wilderness after last competing on the PGA Tour in 2012. 

When he emerged, he told of how he struggled with addiction and, alarmingly, claimed that doctors told him he wouldn't live much longer unless he changed his ways. 

The golfer has repeatedly pointed to the influence of his wife Emily and his daughter Bella for keeping him on the straight and narrow. 

Kim has struggled for form with LIV so far but maintains he will turn the corner and win again. 

Here's what Kim originally wrote:

And here's Chamblee's response:

Now, Mickelson has offered his two cents and claims that men's professional golf is in the process being sorted out once and for all. 

"Fixing the problem takes time but it's better than waiting for it to collapse entirely," he wrote. 

See his full post here:

Mickelson's response
Mickelson's response

Mickelson's latest comments come as the PGA Tour unveiled a 'transaction subcommittee' that will meet with representatives of LIV and the PIF of Saudi Arabia. 

It was first reported that Tiger Woods would be the only PGA Tour player involved in the face-to-face talks but it later emerged Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott will be on the board. 

News of McIlroy's involvement was surprising given that the aforementioned Woods, Jordan Spieth and Patrick Cantlay blocked McIlroy's return to the policy board. 

McIlroy insisted there were no hard feelings and denied there was a rift with Woods. 

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