"Gotta treat the fans better" Justin Thomas blasts PGA Champ beer prices

Even Justin Thomas did not appear to be amused with the prices of alcohol and water at the PGA Championship.

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Tue, 17 May 2022
"Gotta treat the fans better" Justin Thomas blasts PGA Champ beer prices

Earlier in the week, a picture of the beer prices at Southern Hills for the PGA Championship went viral. And even Justin Thomas appears to be a bit miffed. 

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"Gotta treat the fans better" blasted Thomas, 29, on social media when he saw that one Stella Artois will set you back $19.

If you want to go for the cheaper option you can opt for a can of Michelob Ultra, which you will have to fork out $18 for. 

The rest of the menu doesn't look too appealing, either, with a bottled water costing you $6. 

Cocktails cost $15 whilst souvenir cocktails (made with Jim Beam) will cost an extra $4. 

Even when we put the post up on our Instagram page the prices did not go over too well with our readers. 

"If I paid $19 for a beer I'd have to kick my own a** one " one of our readers wrote. 

The prices are a little bit different to those of the 86th Masters, where a crispy, cold lager cost a more reasonable $5 and bottled water for a few bucks. 

Granted, it will have cost you more to get in, but still... 

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"Uhhh what," Thomas added in his post. One fan joked that beers cost $4.50 in the Saudi league, which the 2017 PGA Championship winner found funny. 

"That's pretty good," replied Thomas, who has been an outspoken critic over the emergence of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series. 

Last week he provided a damning assessment of the situation, telling the LIV Golf signees: "If you want to go, go!" 

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