Billy Horschel implores more PGA Tour pros to play Wentworth: "I'm disappointed"

PGA Tour pro Billy Horschel has implored more U.S. PGA Tour stars to make the trip across the pond to play in the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth.…

PGA Tour star Billy Horschel says he's disappointed more Americans don't make the trip across the pond to play in the forthcoming BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. 

In comments to Golf Digest, Horschel conceded he didn't do a great job in the early part of his career playing in Europe. 

But since he made his debut in this tournament four years ago it's now become a love affair for the American. 

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"I told someone if I could play this tournament 25 times a year, I'd be a very happy man," the 2021 champion of this event said. 

The tournament is now played in September instead of May. 

For PGA Tour members, that falls after the conclusion of the FedEx Cup and in Ryder Cup years before the biennial dust-up. 

Horschel told GD:

"I'm disappointed that more of my compatriots have not come. I understand some guys want some time off after the FedEx Cup. The U.S. Ryder Cup team was in Italy over the weekend.
"I wouldn't expect them all to come and play here, but I thought some would welcome the chance to play an event in European conditions before the Ryder Cup. They could still go home next week and prepare."

Billy Horschel implores more PGA Tour pros to play Wentworth:

Over the last three decades the U.S. Ryder Cup sides have endured misery. 

The 36-year-old pondered whether that had something to do with his peers playing solely in America.

He continued:

"Maybe some of it is the financial stranglehold the PGA Tour has over the game. We just don't have to travel the world in order to make a lot of money. Which is a pity.
"It's not as if our top players aren't good enough or smart enough to adjust to the courses. But add it up and the end result is that we have been losing on courses the Europeans are a lot more familiar with.
"I preach every year to guys on the PGA Tour that this is a great course for them. There are guys whose games are made for Wentworth. And I know if they did come, they would love everything about this place.
"I mean, London is right there, a city that offers everything in entertainment. Plus, given the support I get from the crowds here, I have to think guys like Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas would get an even bigger reception, because of where they are in the world of golf."

Despite imploring U.S. golfers to tee it up at Wentworth, Horschel said he'd 'hate to see' some DP World Tour members miss out as a result. 

"It's a fine balance," he said. 

Whether you love him or hate him, one thing you cannot accuse Horschel of is not being honest. 

Last year Horschel hit the headlines for different reasons as the golfer ranted about LIV Golf and those who joined the breakaway. 

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