Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic tests out the Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes.

Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes
Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes
Trainer like comfort, golf shoes don't come more stylish, one-year waterproof warranty
White one white design gets dirty very easily, stability could be better

Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes Key Features:

  • Synthetic Leather & Mesh Upper: soft and supple design also provides protection from the elements
  • Foam midsole & Zoom Air Unit: designed to provide long-lasting comfort on and off the course
  • Integrated Traction Pattern: to deliver grip and stability on any terrain

Inspired by Nike's iconic Air Pegasus 89 trainers, the 89 Gs are an ideal blend of retro styling and modern comfort.

The demand for trainer-like golf shoes is clearly rising, and in order to appease the masses, Nike has continued altering some of its most classic designs for the golf course. 

The Air Jordan 1 and Nike Air Max 1 86 have been two of the brand's staple golf designs in recent years, and now the Pegasus has got its time in the limelight. 

While we have yet to see the Pegasus 89 G make its first appearance on Tour, we can't help but feel that it will only be a matter of time before the likes of Tommy Fleetwood or Tony Finau give the shoes their competitive debut. 

To see how these classy-looking kicks would perform on the course, we took them to the London Club for a spin.

Let's get into it.

Nike Air Pegasus 89 G
Nike Air Pegasus 89 G

Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Looks

If you're a fan of classic trainers, then you will love the design of these shoes. 

The iconic Nike tick takes centre stage, while the panel detailing creates a traditional silhouette that will undoubtedly resonate well with golfers who grew up wearing the Pegasus line of trainers. 

It's fair to say this design is pretty timeless, and we can completely understand why the Pegasus range was next on Nike's list of shoes to retool for the golf course. 

We tested the shoes in a White/Platinum Tint/Black colour, and the contrast of the body to the tick makes the whole design really pop.

Another detail that we particularly enjoyed was the quality of the synthetic leather panels, which make up a good portion of the upper and provide structure to the design. 

The synthetic leather panels have a soft suede-like texture that really elevates the whole look of the shoes. 

While we loved how these shoes looked on foot and in hand, it is worth noting that they do get marked up easily. 

The mesh portions of the shoes are easy to clean; however, we found mud to be slightly harder to remove from the softer material sections.

With that in mind, despite their waterproof nature, we wouldn't recommend these shoes for wet weather rounds, especially when the ground is soft underfoot. 

Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes
Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes

Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes Comfort and Performance:

Let's get one thing straight: these shoes are very comfortable. But let's be honest, that shouldn't really come as any surprise to anyone who's worn a pair of Nike trainers in their life.

The brand has been making some of the best trainers in the world for decades now, and they know a thing or two about making a comfy set of shoes. 

When we took our first few steps on the course, we were instantly impressed with the bounce offered by the Zoom Air unit in the heel.

While it potentially doesn't give you quite the same level of energy return as the FootJoy Pro/SLX, the midsole of these shoes does offer a suitable level of cushioning to keep your feet from feeling fatigued over 18 holes. 

The shoe has a generous width throughout, which prevents any rubbing or discomfort on the first wear.

A thick layer of padding around the collar also added to the level of comfort and support on offer.

Typically, when a pair of casual trainers gets updated for the course, the primary focus tends to be on style over traction. However, we have to give it to Nike; the brand has done a fantastic job of ensuring the soles on these shoes provide excellent grip. 

Nike Air Pegasus 89
Nike Air Pegasus 89

A selection of thick and deep grooves prevented us from slipping or sliding, which was impressive considering the particularly wet conditions we've had in England recently. 

The one area of performance where these shoes don't quite perform as well as we would have liked is stability. 

If you're a bigger golfer or someone who likes to really throw themselves at the ball, these shoes probably won't hold you in place well enough, and you could roll over in them. 

The shoes are quite flexible and, under intense strain, would likely struggle to contain and support your feet as well as other shoes on the market.

With that being said, for the majority of golfers who aren't trying to break long-drive records, they should be absolutely fine. 

All in all, these shoes are remarkably impressive in terms of both comfort and performance, considering their more casual design. 

Nike Air Pegasus 89
Nike Air Pegasus 89

Should you buy the Nike Air Pegasus 89 G Golf Shoes?

If you're looking for a great pair of summer golf shoes that will transition perfectly from the course to the pub, then you will struggle to find a better pair than the Air Pegasus 89 G.

With a timeless design, excellent comfort levels, and an abundance of traction, these shoes tick many boxes. 

While not cheap, coming in at just over £100, thanks to their versatility, we think you get excellent value for your money. 

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