Adams Speedline Super S

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 25 Sep 2013

Adams Golf
Game improvement driver: Speedline Super S
RRP: £199.99 Best price: £169.99
Lie: 59.5-degree Length: 46” Swing Weight: D2
Shaft: Matrix Radix S 50 Grip: Adams Tour Elite

Summary: The Adams Speedline Super S is the company’s first driver since being acquired by TaylorMade Golf in early 2012, and it shows. The Speedline Super S is the first Adams driver to feature the company’s successful Velocity Slot Technology. Like most drivers in this test, there’s plenty of adjustability on offer, this time with an option to adjust loft by +/- 1-degree.

While the white crown design and diagonal writing stamped on the head has clearly been TaylorMade approved, the Super S has kept a familiar Adams trait with the Velocity Slot at the front of the sole - Adams was the first brand to stick a slot in their woods with the Speedline F11 fairway. Running down the sole, the slot is cut deep in the toe and heel to expand the sweet spot at impact. Paired with a matte black face, the contrasting colours also made the clubhead appear bigger at address and this inspired us with a great deal of confidence when standing over the ball. There is also a nice alignment aid with S in the centre and the graphics, similar to the R1, are by no means off-putting. 9.5 (out of 10)

Feel is of course a preference but an important one when determining whether to purchase a club. Impact felt great both in terms of solid feel and a hearty sound. The clubhead felt slightly heavier than some of the others in this test but that helped with a solid grounding position at address. And with a heavier head, the standard lightweight 50g shaft went down a treat. 9

Speedline, indeed. The Super S is full of speed and travels down the line. It was also full of forgiveness thanks to the innovative Velocity Slot placed deep in the heel and toe and shallow in the centre. Balls were flying hot off the face strike after strike and we even managed to reach the 290-yard mark with the final drive. We were also taken by how the Super S increased ball speed on off-centre hits. See below for our results. 9.5

Outstanding value for money at £200. Long, straight and it looks the real deal. The best driver you’re probably not considering. 28 (out of 30)

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