Brandel Chamblee gives Phil Mickelson and Patrick Cantlay (?!) both barrels

Prominent LIV Golf critic Brandel Chamblee has torn into Phil Mickelson once again and criticised PGA Tour pro Patrick Cantlay.

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Fri, 18 Aug 2023
Brandel Chamblee gives Phil Mickelson and Patrick Cantlay (?!) both barrels

Prominent LIV Golf critic Brandel Chamblee has unloaded both barrels on a familiar foe and the PGA Tour's Patrick Cantlay. 

At this point it should come as no surprise that Chamblee's target, once again, was Phil Mickelson

There was an awful lot to unpack from his interview with Golf's Dylan Dethier

Chief of which was his gripes with Lefty. Chamblee doubled down on his call for the six-time major champ to be removed from the Hall of Fame. 

During the interview Chamblee claimed:

  • Men's professional golf tilted catastrophically towards greed when the Saudi International began in 2019
  • He felt golfers were in a unique situation to say 'no' to the Saudis
  • Mickelson reminds him of Patrick Cantlay: "They both think they're the smartest people in the room"
  • The dilemma the PGA Tour faced over LIV would have never, ever happened without Mickelson
  • He thought he was 'being punked' when the PIF-PGA Tour 'framework agreement' was announced
  • He thought Mickelson and Brooks Koepka's gleeful Tweets in the immediate aftermath of the deal being confirmed were childish
  • He didn't believe professional golfers were underpaid before LIV Golf came along

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What Chamblee told Golf about the PIF deal:

"Well, I think if the deal doesn't go through, it will open the Tour up to clean good monetary investment. And the Saudi wealth fund people love to say they have all the money in the world, a $650 billion investment fund is — it's laughable to think that that represents all the money in the world.
"There's something like $140 trillion of money floating around the world that you could call somewhat clean and good to be invested in the Tour. And it’s opened up the eyes of a great many people who have good, clean, honest money, who want to invest it in golf. And now that the model is to have some for-profit operation, as part of the PGA Tour, they could come in and perhaps save golf from this alliance.
"The sad thing is look, Rory, I would say his opposition to LIV is based upon a conscience and his character. I say the world will tell you what to do, golf will tell you what to do, life will tell you what to do, if you listen. And I just don't think Phil was listening. He was like, how can I make as much money as I can? How can I get mine? And how can I, as profoundly as I can, denigrate the PGA Tour?"

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What he said of Phil Mickelson and Patrick Cantlay:

"You know, Phil reminds me a lot of Patrick Cantlay. They both think they're the smartest people of any room they walk into. They're both smart. I have no doubt that Phil is smart. I have no doubt that Patrick Cantlay is smart. But you’re likely not the smartest person in the room, otherwise you’re likely in the wrong room. And they've confused, I think, their talent in one aspect with their talents in other aspects. And they think that they could be the dealmakers here and leverage this.
"And it's that greed that has given golfers a reward mentality that is not anchored in reality. You're simply not worth what you think you are. You're not. Your play has already valued you in a certain way. The market determines what you're worth."


On Phil:

"I realize it was a tough dilemma that the Tour was in, but they wouldn't have been in the dilemma if if it wasn't for Phil. You know, when you look at the the different players that defected to LIV, there was the you-wouldn’t-look-at-him-twice-in-Home Depot Taylor Gooch to the testosterone twin peaks of Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson to the flatulently egoed impresario Greg Norman.
"But Phil was the only one that could really make a difference. He was the only one. And he was he was not motivated by altruistic thoughts. He was moved and motivated by greed and that tilted the game in that direction. And so when I think about the dilemma that the Tour was in, it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for Phil.
"That's why I think Phil should be removed from the Hall of Fame. I don't think he has any business being in the Hall of Fame. He's caused irreparable damage to the game. And if the Tour's philanthropic aspect dies, the autopsy should read LIV. It should read Phil."

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