LIV Golf mastermind told: "You can't have it both ways!"

LIV Golf mastermind Yasir Al-Rumayyan has been given a deadline of one week to provide documents and testify before US lawmakers.

LIV Golf mastermind told:

LIV Golf mastermind Yasir Al-Rumayyan first claimed a scheduling conflict prevented him from testifying before US lawmakers about the breakaway tour's 'framework agreement' with the PGA Tour and DP World Tour. 

In his latest communication to the committee probing the deal, the powerful Saudi businessman has stated - through his attorneys - that he would be an inappropriate witness. 

His counsel have argued he is a:

"Minister bound by the Kingdom's laws regarding the confidentiality of certain information." 

Al-Rumayyan's attorneys have also argued the subcommittees request for documents from the Saudi PIF raises legal considerations due to diplomatic immunity. 

The probe is being led by US senator Richard Blumenthal. The democrat has dismissed Al-Rumayyan's claims. 


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Blumenthal noted that a previous judge, Susan van Keulen, previously rejected his arguments on this during their antitrust litigation with the PGA Tour

The judge stated Al-Rumayyan's conduct "falls within the commercial activity exceptions to the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act."

Blumenthal, a democrat, wrote to Al-Rumayyan that his 'apparent reluctance to voluntarily appear raises questions about the veracity of your previously cited scheduling conflicts'. 

He has demanded testimony and documents by the end of the week. 

Blumenthal's letter said:

"As the Subcommittee's July 27, 2023 letter makes clear, PSI is seeking to understand the scope of PIF's U.S.-based investments and PIF's plans for the PGA Tour and other U.S. entities.
"Your testimony and the production of the requested documents are both necessary to effectuate that goal.
"In short, PIF cannot have it both ways: if it wants to engage with the United States commercially, it must be subject to United States law and oversight. That oversight includes this Subcommittee's inquiry."

The framework agreement, announced on 6 June, was brokered in private seemingly without the knowledge of only a select few. 

PGA Tour policy board member Jimmy Dunne was the first to reach out to Al-Rumayyan over a WhatsApp message. 

The two met to discuss a pathway forward in men's professional golf and later PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan and his chief operating officer, Ron Price, were privy to the discussions across the globe. 

It is said that Monahan only needed 10 minutes to trust Al-Rumayyan, who is part of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud's inner network. 

Al-Rumayyan is also the chairman of Newcastle United and the Saudi PIF

Only Dunne and Price appeared before lawmakers to discuss the deal before the Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations (PSI). 

There were a number of bombshells. 

LIV Golf's Greg Norman also didn't attend, also citing scheduling conflicts. 

The aforementioned Monahan was absent from the hearing. We now know his temporary leave of absence was related to anxiety

Monahan has said he will cooperate with the PSI. 

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