BREAKING: We have found a topic Phil Mickelson doesn't have an opinion on!

Phil Mickelson surprisingly didn't offer an opinion on the proposals by the R&A, USGA to rollback the golf ball from 2026.

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Thu, 16 Mar 2023
BREAKING: We have found a topic Phil Mickelson doesn't have an opinion on!

LIV Golf player Phil Mickelson hasn't got an opinion on the proposals to rollback the golf ball...yet! 

Mickelson is back in action this week with his Hy Flyers at LIV Golf Tucson.

He took the opportunity to provide this quick-witted response to a question about the PGA Tour

And also spoke about his imminent return to the 2023 Masters

But one thing did surprise us. And that was Mickelson not offering an opinion on the proposal to rollback the golf ball from 2026. 

Justin Thomas and Bryson DeChambeau were just two players to let rip on the idea. "It's so bad for the game of golf," Thomas said. 

Titleist also offered a frank opinion on the topic, though that is hardly surprising. 

But Mickelson? He was 'surprised' about the news but he doesn't have 'enough knowledge' to offer his thoughts yet. 

Here's the full exchange from his media conference:

Q. What are your thoughts on the proposal to roll back the golf ball?


"Yeah, I was actually surprised to hear this. So I have not read up on it. I haven't looked into it. I haven't really liked looked at the data, so I don't really have an opinion on it right now. I just don't have enough knowledge to really -- on the subject to formulate an opinion yet."

Mickelson has an interesting history with the USGA.

He previously ripped the governing body when they announced plans to limit the lengths of driver shafts. He used an ice cream analogy. 

Remember this? 

What is happening?

Players are likely to be forced to use specially adapted golf balls that will not fly as far.

It is thought the plans will be adopted across 'elite professional golf from 2026. 

The planned changes will not affect amateur recreational players. 

Golf's rule makers, the R&A and USGA, have been examining distance issues over the last six years.

They determine that they have a 'custodial responsibility' for protecting the integrity of the game.

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