Bryson DeChambeau: "Nobody was there to congratulate" Brooks Koepka after US PGA

Bryson DeChambeau said it was "sad" that "nobody was there to congratulate" Brooks Koepka after his PGA Championship win on Sunday. 

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Thu, 25 May 2023
Bryson DeChambeau: "Nobody was there to congratulate" Brooks Koepka after US PGA

LIV Golf's Bryson DeChambeau says it was "sad" that "really nobody" was around the 18th green Sunday to congratulate Brooks Koepka after his PGA Championship victory.

DeChambeau, 29, is in Washington, D.C., this week with the rest of LIV Golf for their seventh event of 2023. 

Last week, he was one of 16 members of the Saudi-backed league who made the trip up to Oak Hill Country Club in New York for the year's second major. 

The PGA Tour's rival league produced a solid set of results at the tournament, highlighted by Koepka becoming the first player to win a major as a LIV Golf member. 

The 33-year-old won by two strokes at 9-under par over the PGA Tour's Viktor Hovland and Scottie Scheffler for the fifth major title of his career.  

DeChambeau was LIV's next-best player at the tournament, finishing tied for fourth at 3-under par. 

He was also one of, what he says were few, players behind the 18th green ready to congratulate Koepka on his impressive achievement.

It's something that few would've expected a couple of years ago when the pair appeared to constantly get on each other's nerves. 

So, on Wednesday, DeChambeau told reporters his reasoning for being there for his former rival:

"Yeah, look, I'm going to give respect where respect is due. He has won five majors, and he played better than me that week, and what was sad is that really nobody was there to congratulate him after. It's like, man, no matter what tour you're on, no matter what you're doing, that's five majors, and he deserves some respect on that.
"I felt it was the right thing to do, and that's why I went back [to the 18th hole] and did it.
"Yeah, he's a LIV Golfer and I am, too, and obviously that's a part of it, but for me it was more of mutual respect of man, this guy just won five majors, and I want to see that. It's pretty special, and I want to give him his respect that he is due."

You can watch the clip here:

DeChambeau, who was paired with Koepka for Saturday's third round, was also asked by reporters about the booing he received from fans during the PGA Championship:

"I mean, look, we're here to play golf. We're contracted to play golf. I think the most important part is to provide great entertainment wherever possible on whatever platform that is, whatever platform that provides it.
"When you can talk about ethics, that's people's perception. I completely disagree with it, but everybody has the right to their own opinion, and I'd say, was it worth it? Absolutely. This has been beyond my dreams, what I could have imagined this becoming, and it's only getting better. I think over the course of time, like many have said, you'll see what good and what positive impact we're having, and what we continue to keep doing every single tournament and growing and helping out the communities and inspiring junior golfers, helping people that are struggling, you're just going to see more and more of that, and I hope that, again, the media and everybody can see the light that we're trying to bring."

DeChambeau, Koepka, and the rest of LIV Golf will tee off Friday at Trump National Golf Club in Washington for the latest LIV event. 

On Thursday, it was announced that DeChambeau's Crushers GC had been forced to make a player swap ahead of the tournament. 

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