Bryson DeChambeau says Tiger Woods has CUT HIM OFF since moving to LIV Golf

Bryson DeChambeau says he hopes Tiger Woods will "one day see the vision" that he has on LIV Golf. 

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Thu, 30 Mar 2023
Bryson DeChambeau says Tiger Woods has CUT HIM OFF since moving to LIV Golf

Bryson DeChambeau has revealed how Tiger Woods has "cut him off" since he jumped from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf

DeChambeau and Woods shared a close bond during their time together on the PGA Tour, as well as in Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup teams. 

But while DeChambeau admits he still text Woods on his birthday at the end of the year, Woods has very much gone cold on him. 

Woods has taken that stance, according to DeChambeau, because "he thinks we're potentially hurting his record". 

When pressed by a journalist ahead of this week's LIV Golf Orlando as to whether anyone has cut him off since he joined LIV Golf, DeChambeau replied:

"Yeah, definitely, I’m sure you can guess who."

The journalist said: "Tiger Woods?"

DeChambeau nodded with a smile: 

"Yeah, I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus. He’s been a great friend. I texted him on his birthday. It is what it is. He has his viewpoints on it and thinks we’re potentially hurting his record. If anything, nobody is ever going to touch his record. That’s just it, that’s the bottom line. There’s a chance to grow the game even more and I hope one day he’ll see the vision that we all have out here.”

DeChambeau, who is still part of LIV's lawsuit against the PGA Tour, is understood to have accepted a signing fee to join the Saudi-backed circuit last season for $125m.

That contract lasts three years. 

It came to light earlier this week that any LIV Golf player breaking their contract - should they ever be allowed and want a move back to the PGA Tour - that they would be looking at having to pay back "two, three or four times" their initial signing fee.

Back in September 2022, DeChambeau credited Woods for creating the opportunity for LIV Golf to happen in the first place. 

"I have to look back and thank Tiger for this opportunity because he's the one that's ultimately created this," he said. 

DeChambeau's relationship with Woods isn't the only one that has found a plugged lie since LIV Golf burst on the scene.

Rory McIlroy, who was once a best man at Sergio Garcia's wedding, has apparently lost all contact with the Spaniard since he moved to the Saudi-bankrolled circuit last summer. 

Garcia recently told the media how McIlroy is "immature" and that the Northern Irishman "is the one with the problem."

See his latest rant here

DeChambeau was also asked whether he misses anything on the PGA Tour in 2023. 

Other than the fans, he misses zilch. 

DeChambeau said:

"I miss nothing. I mean, I love the fans, I love the people who came to support me. I loved all that. We’re starting to get the crowds out here, slowly but surely. People are starting to get what the model is and people are starting to like the teams a bit. From what I can see, the general consensus is things are moving in a more positive direction and I’m pleased with that."

DeChambeau is the captain of Crushers GC, a team that won the first LIV Golf League tournament at Mayakoba in February. 

The big-hitting Amerian is one of 18 LIV Golf players competing in The Masters next week.

We've checked out their form and given them ratings ahead of Augusta.

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