Ian Poulter on potential Ryder Cup snub for LIV Golf players: "Shame on them!"

Ian Poulter says 'shame on them' if the DP World Tour decide not to have a LIV Golf player as a Ryder Cup captain one day. 

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Tue, 21 Mar 2023
Ian Poulter on potential Ryder Cup snub for LIV Golf players: "Shame on them!"

Ian Poulter says he believes the LIV Golf League is here to stay as he fired another shot at the DP World Tour over a potential Ryder Cup captaincy snub. 

Poulter took to Instagram over the weekend for a Q&A. He was asked if the Saudi-backed tour is in for the long haul. 

The Postman, now 44, was also asked about the possibility of a LIV Golf player being chosen in the future as a Ryder Cup captain. 

Poulter's response if that were not to happen? "Shame on them." 

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He said on Instagram:

"LIV Golf League is here to stay it's only 30 rounds old. And every start up business takes time. I'm so proud to see how far it's come in such a short space of time. It's an incredible business and product and it will be incredible.
"And if the DP World Tour chose to not have any LIV golfer as captain after they have supported them and still do for over 25 years then shame on them. Sad but that's on them. Time will tell and once all the info is out things will change I'm sure."

Poulter was back in action with his Majesticks last week in Tucson, which was won by Danny Lee in a four-man playoff with an epic putt

The Englishman finished T-33 in the 48-man field on level par. 

The Majesticks, comprising of Poulter, Lee Westwood, Henrik Stenson and Sam Horsfield finished 11th out of the 12 teams on 1-under. 

Sergio Garcia's Fireballs won the team aspect. 

Poulter's Ryder Cup future will be decided soon. We were expecting a swift ruling in the DP World Tour v LIV Golf hearing but the decision has reportedly been pushed back due to the complexity of the case. 

The aforementioned Garcia has spoken of how some of his former Ryder Cup stars have behaved with a lack of class

His comments were perceived to be a clear dig at Rory McIlroy, of whom his relationship has completely broken down. 

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Despite this Garcia, who was filmed taking a leak during LIV Golf Tuscon, still wants to have a Ryder Cup future. 

He previously told Marca:

"I really want to be there to be me, to be the Sergio who plays the Ryder, who loves and who puts an arm over everyone's shoulder to help.
"And if then you have people there who because you have decided to go to another Tour you are no longer their friend, you are the bad one, you are the one such or that, that has disappointed me and has taught me that really those people who thought they were friends of mine are not.
"Jon [Rahm] is not one of them, but there are others who have shown very little class."

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