Patrick Reed's $750m lawsuit has "zero legal merit and will not succeed"

A lawyer who specialises in defamation believes Patrick Reed's explosive lawsuit against Brandel Chamblee and Golf Chanel is destined to fail.

Patrick Reed's $750m lawsuit has "zero legal merit and will not succeed"
Patrick Reed's $750m lawsuit has "zero legal merit and will not succeed"

Remarkably, Patrick Reed suing Brandel Chamblee and Golf Channel for $750m is not the biggest legal story in pro golf right now. 

We now have a trial date set for Phil Mickelson et al versus the PGA Tour, with the antitrust lawsuit set to begin sometime in January 2024

As for Reed, one lawyer with a 13-year history of specialising in defamation, believes that LIV Golf player Reed's complaint has "zero legal merit". 

His name is Sia Nejad. Check out his thread below:

Patrick Reed's $750m lawsuit has

Why is Patrick Reed suing?

Reed's explosive lawsuit alleges that Chamblee and Golf Channel have "conspired as joint tortfeasors for and with the PGA Tour, its executives and its commissioner Jay Monahan, to engage in a pattern and practice of defaming Mr. Reed." 

The court docs say that Golf Channel and Chamblee have been: 

"Misreporting information with falsity and/or reckless disregard of the truth, that is with actual and constitutional malice, purposely omitting pertinent key material facts to mislead the public, and actively targeting Mr. Reed since he was 23 years old, to destroy his reputation, create hate, and a hostile work environment for him, and with the intention to discredit his name and accomplishments as a young, elite, world-class golfer, and the good and caring person, husband and father of two children, he is.

"It is well-known on tour that Mr. Reed has been abused and endured more than any other golfer from fans or spectators who have been allowed to scream obscenities only to be glorified by NBC’s Golf Channel for doing so, because it gets Defendants Chamblee and Golf Channel “clicks”, viewership, ratings and increased revenue. For Defendants it does not matter how badly they destroy someone’s name and life, so long as they rake in more dollars and profit."

Patrick Reed's $750m lawsuit has

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Furthermore, Reed's complaint details how he has been at the receiving end of personal attacks at golf tournaments which has reportedly hurt his performance and led to "emotional distress". 

Those complaint points out that these things have been said to Reed over the years:

  • "Now on thee tee, the excavator!" 
  • "You suck!"
  • "You f---ing suck"
  • "You jackass!"
  • "You coward"
  • "Shovel!" 
  • "Why don't you dig a grave and bury yourself in it!" 
  • "You piece of s***!" 
  • "No one likes you!" 
  • "Everyone hates you Reed!" 
  • "Good luck digging yourself out of this one!" 
  • "Where are your parents coward!" 
  • "You cheater!" 
  • "Cheat!" 
  • "Everyone hates you cheater!" 
  • "You're going to miss this cheater!" 
  • "You cheat in college and on Tour and you're a piece of s***!" 
  • "Why don't you introduce your children to their grandparents you ungrateful b****" 

The lawsuit also addresses one of the most controversial moments of Reed's career at the 2021 Farmers, which he won. 

But he faced a barrage of criticism from the media and even players on Tour for how he handled a drop during the third round. 

Reed points out in the lawsuit he was cleared of "any wrongdoing by the PGA Tour". 

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