Phil Mickelson goes on the rampage: "What a colossal waste of time!"

Phil Mickelson didn't appear too pleased with the latest developments between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, describing plans as a 'colossal waste of time'. 

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Sun, 30 Jul 2023
Phil Mickelson goes on the rampage: "What a colossal waste of time!"

It's fair to say Phil Mickelson isn't a fan of the latest developments in the PGA Tour/LIV Golf drama. 

The latest news? Well, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan returned to the public eye before the 3M Open for the first time since taking medical leave.

A matter of days after announcing the PGA Tour had agreed a deal with LIV Golf's backers on 6 June, Monahan was forced to step away from his day-to-day duties owing to an unexplained medical condition. 


In the interim Monahan was able to skip a US Senate hearing that saw two high-ranking PGA Tour execs put under the spotlight and pressed about the deal and its ramifications. 

A democratic senator has now introduced a bill that is targeting the PGA Tour's tax-exempt status

Monahan returned with a bang at TPC Twin Cities. 

In an explosive memo that was addressed to members - and subsequently leaked - the under fire boss appeared to try appease the PGA Tour's biggest stars.

Monahan's memo - which also stated the tour wouldn't support golf's bifurcation plans - outlined negotiations with LIV's Saudi backers - the PIF - are 'ongoing'. 

But there was a bigger bombshell. 

Monahan outlined plans for a 'player benefit program' which would provide tour loyalists with a 'financially significant' system of repaying those who chose not to join the rival league. 

Such a programme has been discussed at length. Rory McIlroy has previously claimed players should be compensated. 

Others, such as Jon Rahm, who backed Monahan before the 151st Open, said that shouldn't be the case. 

Although Rahm did stress there should be some punishment for those that bolted in 2022. 

Mickelson? Well Lefty thinks its all unnecessary as 'not a single player on LIV wants to play PGA Tour'. 

He blasted:

"What a colossal waste of time. Not a single player on LIV wants to play PGA Tour. It would require a public apology and restitution to LIV players for paying millions to Clout media to disparage all of us. A better topic is future sanctions for the many players who now come to LIV."

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Mickelson is talking about this report where he references Clout media. 

Those at LIV Golf accused the PGA Tour of hiring a PR firm to spread anti-Saudi sentiment. 

The Wall Street Journal previously unearthed court documents which stated:

"The Tour has secretly directed, coordinated, and funded public protest, defamatory advertising, and other tactics to stir up anti-Saudi sentiment directed at its first-ever global competitor, all in an effort to maintain its unlawful monopoly."

LIV previously accused the PGA Tour of hiring Clout "to front this campaign, insisting that Clout conceal the Tour's orchestration of this effort."

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