Jon Rahm backs Monahan but fires LIV warning: "Punishment should be in order!"

Jon Rahm says he still trusts and backs under fire PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan despite not being kept in the loop over the LIV Golf/PIF deal.

Jon Rahm backs Monahan but fires LIV warning: "Punishment should be in order!"
Jon Rahm backs Monahan but fires LIV warning: "Punishment should be in…

Jon Rahm says he still trusts Jay Monahan despite the PGA Tour boss agreeing a deal with LIV Golf's backers in secret. 

Monahan stunned the sporting world on 6 June when sat alongside LIV mastermind Yasir Al-Rumayyan to confirm golf's 'civil war' was over. 

A 'framework agreement' was announced which saw the two organisations immediately withdraw their claims in court. 

Part of that agreement also saw LIV make a promise not to poach any more PGA Tour talent for up to one year. 

There was also a stipulation that provided a pathway back to the PGA Tour and European DP World Tour from LIV Golf. 

Rahm told the media on 18 July before the 151st Open Championship at Royal Liverpool that he's heard players 'don't want to come back'. 

That being said, the Spaniard confirmed he still trusts under fire commissioner Monahan, who returned to work yesterday. 

Monahan was forced to step away from his day-to-day duties owing to an unexplained medical condition. 

In the interim two high-ranking PGA Tour execs stepped in and also faced an uncomfortable grilling in a US Senate hearing

Several leading PGA Tour stars appear to be less than enamoured with Monahan. 

Jordan Spieth, Xander Schauffele and Scottie Scheffler all expressed displeasure with how the deal was handled. 

Rahm feels differently. 

Asked about his opinion of Monahan, he explained:

"My opinion of him? Well, there's been obviously big changes for all of us. First, I would like to say I did get a text from him but I haven't been able to speak to him. I hope whatever he had wasn't too serious, and I hope him and his family are doing good and his health has gone back to normal.
"I wouldn't say it's changed. Jay has behaved so professionally and so well with me and my family. I've seen him stop to talk to my dad and my mom at a few tournaments now, and he's been really good to my family. In that sense, he's a really good man. That's all I can say."

Jon Rahm backs Monahan but fires LIV warning:

He continued:

"Now, as it comes to what he's been doing for us and the PGA Tour, I think he's done a fantastic job. I would say it was unexpected what happened. I think what the management of the PGA Tour, the turn they took without us knowing was very unexpected, but I still think he's been doing a great job. And right now after that happened, I only think it's fair to give them the right time to work things out.
"I still think they have the best interest of the players at heart. All we have right now, it's a framework agreement. It's an agreement to have an agreement. We really don't have anything right now to be able to say or judge what they've done. That's all I can say."

So has Monahan lost Rahm's trust? "No," he replied. "Again, he still has all this time to work this agreement to basically prove that this was the right decision. No, as of right now, no."

"We all had a chance to go to LIV and take the money"

It was previously suggested PGA Tour players who rejected LIV should be financially compensated given the apparent hypocrisy of the deal. 

Rahm told the media it's a tricky situation. He was offered millions, he said, but "wasn't forced into anything". "It was my choice to stay," he added. 

He continued:

"Do I think they absolutely should be and there must be a compensation? No. I just stayed because I think it's the best choice for myself and for the golf I want to play.
"Now, with that said, if they want to do it, I'm not going to say no.
"We all had the chance to go to LIV and take the money and we chose to stay at the PGA TOUR for whatever reason we chose. As I've said before, I already make an amazing living doing what I do. I'm extremely thankful, and that all happened because of the platform the PGA TOUR provided me.
"As far as I'm concerned they've done enough for me, and their focus should be on improving the PGA TOUR and the game of golf for the future generations."

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"Punishment should be in order"

As mentioned, the 'agreement to have an agreement' stipulates that there is a pathway back to the PGA Tour if LIV players desire. 

Rahm said he has no issue with that, but has heard that several LIV players don't necessarily want to. 

Jon Rahm backs Monahan but fires LIV warning:

He explained:

"See, that's one of the things that the agreement needs to sort out. From what I hear, they don't really want to come back, so I don't know. I really wouldn't be able to tell you.
"It's tricky, right. I can understand people on the PGA Tour not wanting those players back, and I can also understand why some of them want to come back. There's some great events that a lot of people probably want to go and play again, some great golf courses, as well.
"I wouldn't be able to tell you. I do believe that some punishment should be in order, but I don't know what -- I'm not a politician. That's not my job. That's for the disciplinary board and other people that are paid to do that. My job is to hit the golf ball and try to do the best I can."

Rahm said he'll be involved in discussions going forward, but only if his thoughts are asked for. 

He said: "I'll tell you the same thing I told the people on the PGA Tour. If you want my opinion, ask me. If not, I'm not going to go out there and impose what I think on you guys."

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