Report: Phil Mickelson wanted to wager $400,000 on 2012 Ryder Cup

A new extract from Billy Walters' book has outlined some remarkable claims about LIV Golf's Phil Mickelson, suggesting he has lost more than $100m gambling.

Report: Phil Mickelson wanted to wager $400,000 on 2012 Ryder Cup

Phil Mickelson has wagered more than $1bn and had losses more than double the figures previously claimed. 

At least this is the assertion that has been made by his former associate Billy Walters. 

An extract from his forthcoming book has just been released via The FirePit Collective and there are some remarkable claims. 

Chief of which Mickelson's losses are more than double the $40m that was previously claimed in Alan Shipnuck's book published last year. 

Other bombshells in the extract include:

  • Mickelson verbally negotiated an agreement with Walters whereby the duo would make bets using two bank accounts Lefty had offshore
  • Walters' limits with Mickelson's bookmakers were $20,000 on college football games and $50,000 on NFL
  • Phil's limits were $400,000 on both college and NFL games
  • Six months after they started their betting arrangement the offshore bookies closed down the accounts, citing Phil's bets were 'more disciplined' and they suspected the bets weren't his own
  • Mickelson wanted to wager $400,000 on the U.S. side to win the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah 

Of the Ryder Cup bet, Walters wrote he could not believe what he was hearing. 

The extract adds:

"Have you lost your f---ing mind? I told him. "Don't you remember what happened to Pete Rose?" The former Cincinnati Reds manager was banned from baseball for betting on his own team. "You're seen as a modern-day Arnold Palmer," I added. "You'd risk all that for this? I want no part of it.'"
"Alright, alright," he replied.

Walters remarkably claimed that sources have told him during the course of Mickelson's gambling career he has:

  • Bet $110,000 to win $100,000 a total of 1,115 times.
  • On 858 occasions, he bet $220,000 to win $200,000
  • In 2011 alone, he made 3,154 bets at an average of nearly nine per day.
  • On one day in 2011 (June 22), he made forty-three bets on major-league baseball games, resulting in $143,500 in losses.
  • He made a staggering 7,065 wagers on football, basketball, and baseball.


Report: Phil Mickelson wanted to wager $400,000 on 2012 Ryder Cup

It was also expected that in his book Walters would go into detail about being convicted of insider trading in 2017. He was jailed for five years. 

Mickelson was also caught up in that fiasco involving Dean Foods, although he was never criminally charged

Mickelson did agree to pay back $1.03 million, including profit and interest, to resolve claims from his role in the scheme.

Walters said in his book Mickelson refused to say a simple truth that would've kept him out of prison. 

An extract of the book reads:

"Phil Mickelson, one of the most famous people in the world and a man I once considered a friend, refused to tell a simple truth that he shared with the FBI and could have kept me out of prison. I never told him I had inside information about stocks and he knows it. All Phil had to do was publicly say it. He refused.
"The outcome cost me my freedom, tens of millions of dollars and a heartbreak I still struggle with daily. While I was in prison, my daughter committed suicide—I still believe I could have saved her if I'd been on the outside.
"While this excerpt focuses solely on our betting relationship, my book explores how Phil finagled his way out of not one, but two cases that ended in criminal convictions. As my book makes clear, Phil is not always the person he seems to be."

We await a Mickelson response to these claims. 

Lefty is currently in Bedminster playing LIV Golf's 11th event of the 2023 campaign." 

He has made no secret of his issues with gambling. Earlier in the year, Mickelson made the claim that he doesn't gamble any more. 

That was called out by one golf fan, who pointed to the fact that Mickelson still appears to play money matches.

Mickelson said that his claim came with an asterisk, as he will only play for $1,000 now. 

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