Rumours swirl over future of LIV Golf pro after U.S. Open qualifying WD

What is going on with Matthew Wolff?! 

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Tue, 6 Jun 2023
Rumours swirl over future of LIV Golf pro after U.S. Open qualifying WD

Rumours about the future of LIV Golf's Matthew Wolff continue to swirl after he withdrew from U.S. Open final qualifying. 

It's been a bit of a rough time of late for Wolff in the rival league. He reportedly had a bust-up or disagreement with newly-crowned PGA Championship winner Brooks Koepka, who is the team captain of Smash. 

Apparently, he wasn't a fan of the early gym sessions with Smash and the 'vibes were off'. No Laying Up was the first to report Wolff removed any reference to the team on his social media. 

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LIV Golf have now removed Wolff from the Smash roster on their official website.

The Saudi-backed league did say that trades were possible all along but it looks very likely that a mid-season one for Wolff will be happening. 

How long he will be out of action remains unclear. A likely destination for Wolff would be with Phil Mickelson's HyFlyers.

Wolff is injured but was still expected to tee it up on golf's longest day at Pine Tree Golf Club but withdrew on the day. 

Three other LIV golfers booked their spots for the next major of 2023: David Puig, Sebastian Munoz and Carlos Ortiz. 

Sergio Garcia previously booked his spot with two sublime rounds then cheekily pretended not to understand English in response to this question

Wolff started the season well, with three top-10 finishes but has struggled for the last two months, finishing T-44, T-41 and T-30 in the 48-man fields. 

He was also forced to withdraw after two rounds in their most recent event in Washington, D.C., which was won by Harold Varner. 

Around the time Wolff left Smash, there were also crazy rumours suggesting Nike were willing to buy Smash and rebranding the team to Swoosh. 

Reported LIV Golf Enthusiast:

"It's happening. Despite the sneers, jeers & feeble attempts to own me in the quote tweets Nike is in negotiations with Smash GC & yes we're talking the two billion dollar range. The potential rebrand would be Team Swoosh or Swoosh GC. Team Nike was ruled out as being too bland. Swoosh is being built as it's own brand & the Nike "swoosh" logo will be subtle & understated on Swoosh merchandise on most gear yet still prominent on pure Nike products. These are very exciting times for LIV Golf. You laughed at 2 billion? You know who else laughs at 2 billion? Nike & Captain Smash Brooks Koepka."

Last year there was also speculation about adidas Golf purchasing a LIV side. 

LIV are currently taking a mid-season break and will play their next tournament at Valderrama from 30 June. 

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