WATCH: "157 claps, 2 blinks" Brooks Koepka intensely enjoys NHL after major win

Has Brooks Koepka slept since he won the PGA Championship?!

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Tue, 23 May 2023
WATCH: "157 claps, 2 blinks" Brooks Koepka intensely enjoys NHL after major win

Newly-crowned PGA Championship winner Brooks Koepka looked more like a part-time degenerate than a five-time major champion in this clip. 

If you were unaware, Koepka likes to party. He probably deserves to let loose now, given that he's had a hellish 12 months in which he battled with his golf swing and inner demons. 

He thought of quitting as at one point he could barely walk post-knee surgery. 

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That being said, it was an achievement in itself that Koepka - in the words of The Rock - finally, finally was feeling fit and healthy again. 

Well, that only meant one thing. Koepka was as hungry as ever and the major whisperer was back on the major hunt. 

He took down a LIV Golf event first, admitted he choked at the 87th Masters then put that behind him by bullying Oak Hill. 

"No one knows all the f***ing s*** I've been through," Koepka later said. "No one knows." 

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Now? He's taking some time off before teeing it up at LIV Golf Washington to party. 

The man looks like he hasn't event slept in this clip. It was taken during the Florida Panthers third game in the Eastern Conference final.

Video previously surfaced a few months ago of Koepka, a diehard fan, abusing the Panthers' Aaron Ekblad with a traffic cone. 

"He gave up a bad goal," Koepka said, admitting he was 'hydrated' in that particular moment. 

Perhaps this clip is even better. I mean, just look at this. In the 21-second video, Koepka appears to only blink once. 


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