Amateur golfer demonstrates PERFECTLY what 2021 felt like as a golf swing

This looked like it hurt a bit...

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Tue, 4 Jan 2022
Amateur golfer demonstrates PERFECTLY what 2021 felt like as a golf swing

Sometimes there are moments captured on film that simply have to be shared. This is one of them. 

An amateur golfer at Topgolf is gearing up to send one down the range and perhaps release some frustration. 

At the top of the backswing it looks as though things could go a little bit wrong as there is a lack of body movement. 

But the downswing is where things really go pear shaped and the player tops it beautifully. You really have to marvel at that. 

Frustrated, he decides to walk towards the ball and try and kick it away in frustration but he slips and falls flat on his backside.

It looked like it hurt a bit and we hope he is okay, but perhaps it is a lesson learned for our protagonist. 

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@lukewitker If 2020 was a golf swing #golf #fyp #funny #tiktok #golffails ♬ original sound - Danny




The comments on the video were humorous to say the least. 

One person decided to pay a nod to Mike Tyson's famous line: "Back is broken. Spinal."

Others included:

"Pure athleticism. Magnificent creature he is"

"Career-ending injury at Topgolf"

"That is especially true about this Monday"

Hopefully the next time he duffs one he realises that someone may be filming. 

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