Billy Horschel's caddie hits out at PGA Tour pros moaning about "tough" courses

Billy Horschel's caddie Mark Fulcher poses a question to his Twitter followers on PGA Tour players moaning about both tough and easy course setups. 

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Tue, 8 Mar 2022
Billy Horschel's caddie SLAMS PGA Tour pros moaning about "tough" courses

Billy Horschel's caddie Mark Fulcher, better known as 'Fooch', has hit out at those PGA Tour players regularly moaning about course setups following the weekend's action at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

Horschel's caddie Fulcher took to Twitter to address his thoughts after seeing the likes of Ian Poulter and Rory McIlroy criticise the state of the greens at Bay Hill, especially in the final round. 

A "punch drunk" McIlroy admitted to Arnie's Place being like "crazy golf" on the weekend, while Poulter called the greens "over the edge". 

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Fooch, who helped Horschel to a tie for second, not only took aim at players moaning about "tough" setups but also those players moaning about "easy" setups... no doubt the latter point referring to World No.1 Jon Rahm's comments at The American Express earlier this year.

"What a piece of s*** set-up f***ing putting contest week," Rahm was heard saying as he marched off a green - WATCH HERE




Lee Westwood responded to Fooch's comment with: "It's because you caddies are so good we can't blame you so we have to find something else."

Ian Poulter also chimed in with a fishing rod emoji. 



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