Brandel Chamblee SLAMS Patrick Reed for "violating unwritten code" on PGA Tour

Chamblee reveals he spoke with 20 current or former PGA Tour players and not one of them were in defence of what Patrick Reed did.

Brandel Chamblee SLAMS Patrick Reed for "violating unwritten code" on PGA Tour
Brandel Chamblee SLAMS Patrick Reed for "violating unwritten code" on PGA…

Brandel Chamblee has slammed Patrick Reed on Golf Channel following his actions during the third round of the Farmers Insurance Open on Saturday.

Although the PGA Tour has stated that Reed acted within the laws of the game, Chamblee believes the 2018 Masters champion "violated the unwritten code" that golfers adhere to.

The Golf Channel analyst, who is known for his 'say it like it is' mentality, also revealed that he spoke with 20 current or former PGA Tour players, including Hall of Fame members and not one of them was in defence of Reed and what he did on Saturday.


The PGA and USGA rules officials have cleared Reed of any wrongdoing and Chamblee made it clear that he understands the ruling that is being used in this situation, however he refuses to believe that Reed truly thought his ball was embedded into the ground.

"Every single tour player that watched that ball bounce knows there is not a doubt in their mind that the ball did not embed. So to see someone walk up, pull the ball so easily - and by the way if it's embedded it doesn't come out that easily - pull the ball so easily out of the space that it occupied, palm it, which again turns out is legal, but I have never seen a tour player do that.

"Every single tour player when they're inspecting a golf ball that they believe to be, might possibly be embedded, if they do pull it out they would pull it out with just two fingers so the whole world could see it would be beyond reproach, that if there were any debris on it that they were not removing it.

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"He poked around in the hole for a period of time, I've never seen anyone do that," Chamblee continued. "If it was obvious the ball was embedded then you wouldn't need to call a rules official, but if you have a question about it why are you poking around in the hole and why wouldn't you just leave the ball there so that the rules official could come up and for himself make the determination with 100% assurance that the integrity of the lie had been maintained from the time Patrick Reed walked up there until the rules official came up.

"Ask yourself this. if everybody in the field were to conduct themselves around a golf ball in this manor, would it be good for the game of golf? Would it be good optically for the PGA Tour? It would not be. It would call into question every single movement, every single drop that a player would be making."

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