Golfer shoots 63-OVER-PAR in PGA Tour qualifying event

You would expect to see an astronomical score like this in a Sunday Stableford and not a qualifying event for the PGA Tour.

Golfer shoots 63-OVER-PAR in PGA Tour qualifying event
Golfer shoots 63-OVER-PAR in PGA Tour qualifying event

Every golfer on the planet has experienced embarrassment on the golf course and moments when they want to be swallowed up, even on the PGA Tour.

Whether you have played poorly on the back nine and missed the chance to cut your handicap, or you have missed a crucial putt to win a major championship. Every golfer at every level has faced embarrassment or heartache.

Unfortunately for one golfer, they were beyond embarrassed by one score they shot during a pre-qualifying event for the Valero Texas Open.

It transpired that if a player was to qualify for the event at TPC San Antonio, they needed to reach 4-under-par at the Clubs of Kingwood in Texas.

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This golfer didn't manage to shoot 4-under-par. Far from it. He shot a score of 135. Yes, you read that correctly. This golfer shot 63-over-par.

On the front nine, he made two pars but on the other seven holes, he made two 10's and recorded a score of 65. He was well into the nightmare at this stage.

On the 12th hole, he made a 13 and on the 17th hole, he made a 12. He took 70 shots on the back nine to complete a score that is completely unheard of in professional golf.

What you can say about this golfer is that he still returned his card. Many players would have become too annoyed and walked in, so it is important to give credit when it's due.

It is unclear whether the player was overcome with nerves or if he had a case of the yips. You would assume something was very, very wrong with this player's game that day.



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