Jordan Spieth's 70-foot cliff shot FORCED Pebble Beach bosses into course change

PGA Tour chief referee Gary Young says copycats have forced Pebble Beach to move hazard lines back after Jordan Spieth's 2022 cliff shot.

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Fri, 3 Feb 2023
Jordan Spieth's 70-foot cliff shot FORCED Pebble Beach bosses into course change

Jordan Spieth's memorable cliff shot forced bosses at Pebble Beach to move back the hazard lines after copycats tried to replicate the three-time major champion. 

Spieth stunned golf fans 12 months ago when he risked his life by playing his approach into No. 8 at the iconic venue on the edge of a cliff. 

It was one of the standout moments of the year and Spieth reflected on the moment earlier in the week. 

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Spieth said he thought he saved a stroke but wasn't sure if the risk outweighed the reward considering the downside was plummeting to his death. 

Unsurprisingly, Pebble Beach attracts a fair few visitors in California. And it appears that some morons have been trying to replicate Spieth's shot. 

PGA Tour chief referee Gary Young revealed the club have made a "concerted effort" to try and discourage people from attempting the shot. 

He told ESPN:

"We painted the line where we traditionally have it [during tournament week]. 
"I know that as a club, they make a concerted effort to try to move that line further away.
"Resort play, that's been their concern, and they just want to make sure that they're doing everything that they can to discourage people from attempting that shot."

What did Spieth say about it all? 

Spieth said he returned to Pebble Beach last November with his parents and played the course with his father and brother. 

He took a lot at the spot where he played the shot again. 

Spieth told the media:

"I think it was a stroke. I think I saved a stroke. Does the reward outweigh the risk? Not if you think the risk was dying. But I also, I felt I could whack it over the water with a 7-iron and get it up near the green.
"And I thought up near the green would be easier than hitting a 7-iron from 10 yards back. And, yeah, I think now knowing my son a lot better, he was really young at the time, I may not have hit that shot."

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"I miss DJ..."

Other than talking about that moment, Spieth later spoke of how one of the players he misses the most is Dustin Johnson

Johnson joined the LIV Golf League last June. 

Spieth said DJ is just a Hall of Fame player who didn't create any controversy. 

Johnson's 2023 got off to a rocky start after he had to withdraw before the first round of the PIF Saudi International. 

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