Jordan Spieth builds excitement for PGA Tour Netflix Doc: "What an opportunity"

Jordan Spieth spoke about the new PGA Tour Netflix documentary series at Pebble Beach alongside two key figures from the show who put the wheels in motion.

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Thu, 2 Feb 2023
Jordan Spieth builds excitement for PGA Tour Netflix Doc: "What an opportunity"

Three-time major champion Jordan Spieth "had a blast" being part of the new PGA Tour documentary series on Netflix which comes to our screens on February 15.

Speaking with series director Gabe Spitzer and chief creative officer of Vox Media Studios Chad Mumm, Spieth revealed he gave the cameras access that he hasn't before to enhance the behind-the-curtain style of the show.

Spieth said he is now a Formula One fan after watching the popular 'Drive to Survive' series on Netflix which documented the lives of the best drivers in the world, as well as the drama and tension of the F1 season.

The 29-year-old joined the likes of Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Scottie Scheffler and Matt Fitzpatrick in giving not-before-seen footage of their lives and careers on the PGA Tour.

On January 11, golf fans were finally treated to a trailer of the new series which was filmed in arguably the most turbulent and controversial year in the history of professional golf.

"For golf to see the Drive to Survive success and then the opportunity that we can be a part of trying to get out of the typical golf fanbase kind of look they did, but get global with it," Spieth said.

"And as you mentioned, 250 million members is larger than your typical (audience) who tunes in to see a round of PGA Tour golf. So what an opportunity.

"To kind of have some fun with it, too. I mean, I had a blast. I gave access in places I don't normally and shared a lot of it with Justin (Thomas). And so we really, really enjoyed that process of kind of giving a glimpse into what our day-to-day is, given how close we are.

"And then the names that showed up in order to do it. Especially this last year with how wild professional golf was. I mean, what a year to start filming. So you get that kind of access too."

Back in November, Mumm teased that in episode two, there is a moment that equates to the "and I took that personally" quote from NBA icon Michael Jordan in the incredible "Last Dance" series on Netflix.

Golf fans will be treated to cutting-edge footage from PGA Tour events and major championships, while presumably being shown the players' reactions to the rolling updates and newsflashes about LIV Golf.

Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Ian Poulter and Joaquin Niemann all made the switch to the Saudi-backed series, so this should make for some intriguing viewing.

"So this will be pro golf like you've never seen. We've had cameras in places where cameras are never allowed before. We spent a ton of time with players off the course and really get a chance to get inside the world of professional golf," Mumm said.

"Which is this, as you all know, like amazing kind of travelling circus that moves around and you can't really understand it unless you're inside it. So get ready for a deep, new look."