"Let's mic up Jon Rahm 24/7!" - How golf fans reacted to his rage

Jon Rahm wasn't happy with how The American Express was set-up and was filmed cussing about it. Here's what golf fans thought. 

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Mon, 24 Jan 2022
"Let's mic up Jon Rahm 24/7!" - How golf fans reacted to his rage

Jon Rahm appears to be no different than his Spanish counterpart Sergio Garcia. 

He's a fiery player who absolutely gives it everything on the golf course. He's also not afraid of letting telling us how he really feels. 

Rahm, perhaps, in a moment where he forget there are always cameras on him, let slip on what he thought of the PGA Tour last week. 

We can't really transcribe it in all its glory, but suffice to say his thoughts were expletive-laden. Rahm was absolutely fed up. 

"What a piece of s*** f***ing set-up, putting contest week," Rahm muttered to himself as he marched off the green towards his next tee shot. 

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The person who had recorded this clip knew instantly they had struck gold. Did you get that? They ask. Yes, yes they did. 

They say fatherhood changes you somewhat. And no doubt it definitely has changed Rahm's perspective, but he's still the same player. 

What was great about this clip other than its sheer hilarity, was that it captured a raw, real moment. 

It's not PR spin. It's no some rehearsed line. It's just a moment where Rahm purely just forgets he's likely being filmed. 

Although, it's fair to say he has divided opinion somewhat. What do you think?

Of course, it only took a few minutes for the video to spread all over the internet from his American Express tirade. 

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We decided to take a look at some of the best responses

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