Phil Mickelson makes SAVAGE dig at Tiger Woods as golf fans debate LIV vs. PGA

Phil Mickelson aimed a brutal dig at his old rival Tiger Woods after the idea was touted for a LIV Golf vs PGA Tour grudge match.

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Fri, 3 Feb 2023
Phil Mickelson makes SAVAGE dig at Tiger Woods as golf fans debate LIV vs. PGA

Phil Mickelson took a dig at his old adversary Tiger Woods after the idea was touted for a LIV Golf League vs. PGA Tour grudge match. 

Such a match is unlikely to happen, according to the six-time major champion, because the breakaway tour would "dominate" the event. 

In case the news escaped you, Mickelson now appears to be fully back on social media after a turbulent 2022. 

Mickelson took a four-month break from the game after essentially admitting complicity in helping the Saudis launder their reputation. 

But now a visibly skinnier Mickelson has teased the truthbombs will be revealed this year and the PGA Tour will be "held accountable". 

What, exactly, does this mean? We can't wait to find out. Still, it's fair to say that this week Mickelson has been absolutely on one

On Thursday, golf fans were interacting with Mickelson and one person suggested the idea of a box-office match between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. 

Mickelson joined the discussion and absolutely loved the idea, writing: 

"It sounds great, but we would dominate them so soundly and it would be over so quick that tv would have to fill an hour of dead time. That's why it's not happening at this time."

Such a match would surely have to have Woods and Mickelson occupy the role of team captain for each side. 

Oh, and Rory McIlroy would have to be playing against Patrick Reed in the singles. 

Mickelson spent 30 years on the PGA Tour and would have likely added to his 45 victories and six majors were it not for the brilliance of the now 47-year-old Woods. 

Of course, another stumbling block for the PGA vs. LIV battle is Woods' physical health. To this day, he still is trying to recover from his car crash. 

Woods has only played in three events since tumbling over a hill in his Genesis SUV at high speed and crushing his right leg. 

He revealed more injury woes last December before he was forced to withdraw from his own event he hosts in the Bahamas. 

Still, that's not a problem for Lefty:

Mickelson and Woods, over the years, have brushed off any suggestion they have ever feuded. 

But at times the pair have let on that there is more than a bit of animosity bubbling under the surface. 

Woods has previously described Mickelson as "Phoney Phil" because of the way he interacts with the galleries. 

In Alan Shipnuck's book on Mickelson, Butch Harmon revealed Woods would always do four things to try and put Mickelson off his stride. 

They were:

1. Woods always tried to putt-out first so the crowd would be moving to the next tee while Mickelson was putting.

2. He would linger behind the green and let Phil walk up to the tee box first, so when Tiger arrived, his playing partner would have to listen to the roar.

3. On holes when he [Mickelson] was between 3-wood or driver, Woods would choose less club so he could fart around in the fairway and make Mickelson watch him hit what would inevitably be a laser-like approach.

4. If Phil was amped up and moving fast, Tiger would slow his walk and pace of play; if Mickelson had a more leisurely vibe, Woods sped up his gait and routine. Either way, the goal was to try to upset his adversary’s rhythm.

Who would win in a PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf grudge match? Let us know... 

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