Rory McIlroy to Phil Mickelson: "F you, Phil! I hope that makes it in!"

Rory McIlroy is reportedly shown mocking Phil Mickelson and his LIV Golf League rival Patrick Reed in the Netflix documentary Full Swing.

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Mon, 6 Feb 2023
Rory McIlroy to Phil Mickelson: "F you, Phil! I hope that makes it in!"

Rory McIlroy may have just sparked a feud with Phil Mickelson

That is because McIlroy is apparently shown mocking the six-time major champion and his LIV Golf League arch rival Patrick Reed in the upcoming Netflix documentary Full Swing.

McIlroy was revealed as a surprise inclusion in the series - which is golf's answer to the F1 show Drive to Survive - in January.  

The Ulsterman has been one of LIV's harshest critics along with Tiger Woods

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After LIV Golf made a huge splash in 2022, McIlroy and Woods spearheaded seismic changes within the PGA to try and ward off the Saudi-backed tour from pinching any more of their stars. 

McIlroy is reportedly shown mocking Mickelson and Reed in the final episode of the series, which is titled "Everything Has Led To This". 

Apparently, McIlroy is shown laughing at Reed whilst he is on the driving range at East Lake before he took down the Tour Championship

A journalist reportedly informed McIlroy that former Masters champion Reed was playing Asian Tour events after he got suspended from the PGA Tour. 

McIlroy is quoted as saying: 

"And [he] dropped spots on the world rankings. Beautiful!" 

Later in the physio room, McIlroy is reportedly told that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is a massive PGA Tour fan. 

McIlroy then said: 

"Yeah, but he's a Phil Mickelson fan so I don't know..." 

When another voice says it "sounds like the guy is losing credibility", McIlroy is laughing then chimed in: 

"F*** you Phil. I hope that makes it in!" 

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We do wonder what Mickelson's response will be, given that Lefty now appears to be fully back on social media. 

Mickelson recently goaded McIlroy before the 33-year-old claimed the Hero Dubai Desert Classic. 

Lefty also claimed that McIlroy's battle with Reed down the stretch after the American was involved in another rules debate, plus the added LIV dynamic made the tournament even more compelling. 

"The time is now..." 

McIlroy was reportedly initially reluctant to be involved in Full Swing, but as the series drew on, he was persuaded that his voice needed to be heard. 

The show's executive producer, Chad Mumm, told Mirror Sport:

"We met with his team several times in the lead up to the show. They were very honest on his focus being on his golf this season, and potentially engaged with him in series two."

He added:

"I saw down with him in the summer. We told him we needed his voice, there was no guarantee we could do this again and if he waits, people won't hear from him until 2024 at the earliest and now is the time, the golf world needs his voice. To Rory's credit he was like, 'Yeah, I'm in.'" 

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