WATCH: Does fresh footage PROVE Patrick Reed was telling porkies in Dubai?

New footage has emerged of Patrick Reed's rules issue during the Hero Dubai Desert Classic on the DP World Tour as the LIV Golf player battled Rory McIlroy.  

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Mon, 30 Jan 2023
WATCH: Does fresh footage PROVE Patrick Reed was telling porkies in Dubai?

Patrick Reed once again found himself at the centre of a rules debate during the Hero Dubai Desert Classic on the DP World Tour. 

We are sure this is not the last we have heard about the incident involving the LIV Golf League player.

In case you didn't know what transpired, the bizarre event happened on hole No. 17 at Emirates Golf Club. 

It involved Reed, a rules official, and a pair of binoculars. You really couldn't have scripted this any better.

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Reed's tee shot lodged into a tree. Reed claimed he could spot his ball owing to a distinctive "arrow" marking.

In fact, he was adamant that he had correctly identified his Titleist ProV1

After a lengthy back-and-forth, Reed was allowed to take a penalty drop instead of having to trudge back up the fairway and play three off the tee. 

The 2018 Masters champion - who described Rory McIlroy as an "immature little child" after their blown-out-of-proportion range exchange - escaped the hole with a bogey. 

But fresh footage appears to cast a new light on the memorable moment. 

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee walked us through it on their Sunday evening show. 

Chamblee, who is being sued by Reed, told viewers:

"It just disappears right there, so for it to be in that third one it would have to be much higher up in that one over there and it would have to be further to the left to get in that third tree.
"It's hitting tee-side of that tree so it's likely to bounce over to the tee or to the fairway or over into the sand - but we didn't see it bounce."



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What did Reed say about it all? 

"I got lucky that we were able to look through the binoculars and you have to make sure it's your ball and how I mark my golf balls is I always put an arrow on the end of my line.
"You could definitely see and identify the line with the arrow on the end, and the rules official was there to reconfirm and check it to make sure it was mine as well."

What did the DP World Tour say? 

"Two on course referees and several marshals identified that Patrick Reed's ball had become lodged in a specific tree following his tee shot on 17.
"Using binoculars, the chief referee was satisfied that a ball with those markings was lodged in the tree."

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