Report: LIV boss to ignore stipulation in PGA Tour/PIF deal: "It's my baby!"

According to a report, LIV Golf mastermind and prominent Saudi businessman Yasir Al-Rumayyan has told players the rival league will continue. 

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Fri, 30 Jun 2023
Report: LIV boss to ignore stipulation in PGA Tour/PIF deal: "It's my baby!"

When the PGA Tour brokered a deal with LIV Golf's Saudi backers, many started to speculate about the future of the rival league. 

Part of why there was conjecture was because you could argue the Saudis got what they wanted all along. 

Some high-ranking PGA Tour execs might try and tell you they have just allowed prominent businessman Yasir Al-Rumayyan and the Public Investment Fund a seat at the table of men's professional golf. 

But if you've got all the money, who is really in charge?

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You will undoubtedly have your own opinion about what has happened, what is happening now and what the future will look like in men's professional golf. 

And judging by the latest report by SI, it appears the aforementioned Al-Rumayyan is intent on making sure LIV Golf not only survives but thrives. 

He was spotted alongside Greg Norman in a golf cart in Spain ahead of the eighth event of their 2023 campaign at Valderrama

Norman hasn't been seen in public since the deal was brokered.

A few weeks ago it was confirmed he is having some legal trouble over an alleged sexual assault said to have taken place at a boozy pool party at his mansion. 

According to the publication, Al-Rumayyan is said to have held numerous talks with LIV players after he appeared on CNBC on 6 June minutes after the stunning news dropped. 

One player is said to have been told by Al-Rumayyan when asked about the future of LIV:

"It's my f---ing baby."

Fair enough. 

Whilst Al-Rumayyan appears fully confident LIV will succeed, according to the 'framework agreement', it doesn't appear the decision to continue the circuit will be his alone. 

The six-page document that was leaked after US lawmakers demanded answers appeared to stipulate that a decision will be taken about its future after the new company, reportedly going to be named PGA Tour Enterprises, undertakes:

"A full and objective empirical data-driven evaluation of LIV and its prospects and potential." 

Despite that stipulation, SI claim Al-Rumayyan will still support LIV no matter the results of that evaluation. 

Other takeaways of that document included:

  • There will be a pathway back to the PGA Tour who joined LIV, were fined and suspended 'through a fair and objective process'
  • The parties will use their 'best efforts' to secure Official World Golf Ranking Points for LIV Golf
  • LIV Golf won't be allowed to recruit PGA Tour players until at least 2024
  • The legal battles are officially over. The litigation was dropped with 'prejudice' which means they cannot be picked up if this all goes south
  • It appears the PGA Tour will retain control of the new company
  • PIF will become a huge, huge sponsor of men's professional golf

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