Tiger Woods: How one former pro felt let down watching him

Tiger Woods is a huge draw but this former pro was left disappointed when watched the big cat in action at the Ryder Cup. 

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Sun, 6 Feb 2022
Tiger Woods: How one former pro felt let down watching him

Tiger Woods mania knows absolutely no bounds and if you have a story about the great man the chances are you have told it numerous times. 

Whether it's the time you managed to pose for a photograph with the 15-time major champion or simply been up close and seen him strike a ball. 

Everyone is the same. Even Rory McIlroy last week called Woods a "mythical man in a red shirt" as he told of how he likes the mellower version of the now 46-year-old perennial PGA Tour and major winner. 

One person who recently shared their story was Zane Scotland, the former talented amateur golfer who now works as a golf instructor and analyst for Sky Sports. 

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Scotland, 39, recently joined the Off Course with Claude Harmon podcast where he shared his Woods story. 

Unfortunately for Scotland when he and his father went to watch Woods at Valderrama in the Ryder Cup he saw a poor shot from the great man. 

Scotland said: "I'd never seen Tiger in real life before, and he comes through and he gets on his tee, 2-iron comes out

"I'm like, right. I've got right down the line here watching it. And he hits this 2-iron, no word of a lie, just like, snap-hooked it into a tree about 150 yards off the tee. I was like, is this some sort of joke?"

Harmon laughed at the story. "Your hero's just hit a low snap-hook into the trees!" 

Well Zane, at least you got to watch Woods up close and personal. Everyone hits a bad shot sometimes. Even Tiger Woods. 

Listen here.

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