Best Golf Tips: How to correctly grip the golf club

Golf is a game of personal preference and comfort, but it is important to know how to grip the golf club.

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Wed, 28 Apr 2021
Best Golf Tips: How to correctly grip the golf club
There are a number of different ways in which you can grip the golf club and the style of grip is an important part of your set-up.

The interlocking grip is the most commonly used grip on the PGA Tour because it is reliable and gives you a stable hold on the golf club.

Whether you are just beginning golf or an experienced player, the interlocking grip will feel the most natural once you have established it as part of your game.

Here are three simple steps to the interlocking grip:

Step One:

When you take your club, open up the palm of your left hand and notice the bottom of your little finger and the top of your index finger.

You should lay the grip across these two points and when you close your left hand, you will find the club will sit comfortably in a stable position.

Step Two:

Once you have closed your left hand, it is important to make sure that your left thumb is pointing down the grip, and not to the left or the right.

If you imagine the grip to be a clock face, where the top of the club is 6 o'clock and the bottom of the club is 12 o'clock, you should point your thumb towards 1 o'clock. This will ensure you have a steady hold on the club.

Step Three:

Once you have completed these steps with your left hand, you should take your right hand and just hold the top of the grip for now.

You should then position the little finger of your right hand in between the index finger and the middle finger of your left hand. Once you have done this, lock your hands into that position and lift the club to get used to your new grip.