Ian Poulter goes nuclear: "I'm so sick of this rubbish!"

Ian Poulter has sounded off on the future of men's professional golf, suggesting the PGA Tour is just envious of LIV Golf's product. 

Ian Poulter goes nuclear: "I'm so sick of this rubbish!"
Ian Poulter goes nuclear: "I'm so sick of this rubbish!"

Ian Poulter says he's sick of 'hearing the rubbish' about what men's professional golf should ultimately look like. 

Poulter made his feelings perfectly clear in an explosive interview with Gulf News

The Englishman also sounded off on his Ryder Cup future. "Things would have to change for me to be involved," he said.

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For years it seemed a matter of when not if the 48-year-old would lead the blue and gold in the biennial dust-up. 

Next year's contest at Bethpage Black in New York, perhaps with Phil Mickelson his counterpart, would have been a tantalising prospect. 

Talks of a global tour began at the turn of the year. It was suggested only that could bring peace between the establishment. 

They coincided with Rory McIlroy's remarks he was too judgemental of the likes of Poulter, Lee Westwood and Sergio Garcia. 

McIlroy stated he wouldn't mind LIV turning into the 'IPL' of golf. Sergio Garcia took a dim view of that. 

Poulter recently admitted he feels bad for McIlroy after the Northern Irishman essentially fell on his sword. 

And Poulter also has some thoughts about the future. 

As far as Poulter is concerned, he believes talk of a 'global golf tour' has only come about because the PGA Tour is envious of LIV's product. 

When asked about a 'global tour' for the game's biggest stars, he replied: "Are we not at that point now?"

He added: "We've got 54 players on LIV Golf right now, with arguably over half of them the best players in the world.

"So why does this product have to change? This is technically a world tour anyway right now.

"So why do we have to change our product because someone thinks it will suit them better if they're involved in another product.

"I'm sick of playing the what if game. I'm sick of listening to people's rubbish to be honest."

Ian Poulter goes nuclear:

What did McIlroy say about a global tour?

"My dream scenario is a world tour, with the proviso that corporate America has to remain a big part of it all. Saudi Arabia, too.

"That's just basic economics, but there is an untapped commercial opportunity out there.

"Investors always want to make a return on their money. Revenues at the PGA Tour right now are about $2.3bn.

"So how do we get that number up to four or six? To me, it is by looking outward.

"They need to think internationally and spread their wings a bit. I've been banging that drum for a while.

"Whether they are rotated on the new global circuit, or we go with the same ones every year, I'm OK with either."

What do you make of Poulter's comments? 

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