Kevin Na on LIV Golf's worst player? "It's been difficult to watch"

Former PGA Tour pro Kevin Na admitted watching Sihwan Kim in LIV Golf events has been 'tough to watch' but has credited the player for always trying.

Kevin Na on LIV Golf's worst player? "It's been difficult to watch"
Kevin Na on LIV Golf's worst player? "It's been difficult to watch"

There is absolutely no way to sugarcoat it, Sihwan Kim has had a miserable year playing LIV Golf events. 

Kim's best finish in the second campaign of the rival league came when he posted a T-33 at LIV's stop in Bedminster at Trump National. 

Aside from that, it has to be said he has been utterly dreadful. In the regular season before the $50m team championship, he finished dead last in the 48-man field events on four occasions. 

Kim qualified for the second year of the Saudi-backed league by winning the Asian Tour's International Series' order of merit. 

He immediately joined Kevin Na's IronHeads which also boasts Scott Vincent and Danny Lee on their roster. 

Kim is now in the relegation zone along with Jed Morgan, Brooks Koepka's brother Chase and former U.S. amateur champion James Piot. 

The quartet will have the opportunity to play their way back onto LIV for the 2024 season at a promotions event later this month. 

But for Kim it looks like he will be back to the drawing board barring a miracle turnaround in form. 

Na spoke about Kim's struggles before the team championship at Trump National Doral. The former PGA Tour pro credited Kim for never giving up despite results not going his way. 

The aforementioned Koepka took a different route with the struggling Matthew Wolff, explaining there's 'no point' in trying to help someone that 'doesn't want to be helped. "I've tried," Koepka said. 

Na said of Kim:

"Sihwan has had a tough year. I played with him last week on Sunday and I saw his game improve quite a bit. It's been difficult to watch."

He continued: "But I'd say for a guy who has gone through a rough year like this, he's been the best sport I've ever seen. He's been working hard. Every time, even though he's played poorly, he's tried every shot.

"I give him props for that and his game is coming around. We saw him last year, how well he played in Thailand and what he's capable of, and winning The Asian Tour International Series money title.

"We always tell him that, look, you're probably going to go win one of those Q-School and be back on the team.

"And if he doesn't, we are still going to be friends. We are already talking about seeing him in Korea when we go over there and having a good time.

"I think the friendship is going to last forever. But we wish him the best and we hope to see him back on the team."

Mickelson is Piot's team captain. The six-time major champion said the HyFlyers were 'very invested in his success'. 

But Lefty had some brutal news for Piot. "I've been fielding calls, as we all have, from players that are free agents to PGA Tour players to DP World Tour players that want to come over," he said.  

"You know, the spot's probably going to be filled by the time the qualifying tournament is here." 

Sihwan Kim LIV Golf results 2023:

  • Mayakoba: 48th
  • Tucson: 48th
  • Orlando: 48th
  • Adelaide: 47th
  • Singapore: 45th
  • Tulsa: 43rd
  • Washington: 45th
  • Andalucia: 48th
  • London: 46th
  • Greenbrier: T-46
  • Bedminster: T-33
  • Chicago: 46th
  • Jeddah: T-44

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