PGA Championship hero Michael Block ridiculed over latest PGA Tour claim

PGA Championship hero Michael Block was ridiculed by golf fans after explaining why he is not cut out for the PGA Tour - but was his point misconstrued?

PGA Championship hero Michael Block ridiculed over latest PGA Tour claim
PGA Championship hero Michael Block ridiculed over latest PGA Tour claim

Michael Block's life changed after his performance at the 105th PGA Championship. 

We're sure you don't need reminding, but to recap: he's club pro who teaches lessons for $150. 

He eventually finished tied for 15th at Oak Hill Country Club, which meant he guaranteed a spot for next year's major at Valhalla. 

Oh, and his final round also included a slam dunk ace as he played in Rory McIlroy's group. 

Since then, Blockie will just not go away. A month ago he won the Southern Californian Professional Championship at Sherwood Country Club to book his place in next January's American Express on the PGA Tour

WATCH: Block's ace from PGA Championship

One thing about Block is that he just loves to talk. He drew heavy criticism after making the claim if he had McIlroy's distance he'd be one of the best players in the world. 

"Hands down," he previously said. "If I had that stupid length? All day. My iron game, wedge game, around the greens and my putting is world class."

A red-faced Block later walked back those claims and clarified he wasn't trying to diss McIlroy. 

"It was totally misconstrued, misconceived, the whole thing," he later said. "I really feel like if you're a real golfer, you kind of understood what I had meant.

"Rory is an absolute stud and at no point, in any shape or form, was I ever trying to say anything about Rory or the tour professionals."

Why we are talking about Block again is because he's made another claim. 

This time, it's why he's not on the PGA Tour. 

On a recent appearance on the First Cut podcast, Block explained why he's not cut out for the established circuit. 

"I rolled the rock better than I have did in my life," he said of his performance at Oak Hill. 

"I hit short game shots I never hit in my life, I hit my irons great, I hit driver down the fairway, and I struggled to finish 15th

"That's how good these guys on the tour are. That's 14 guys still beat me, and I brought my A+ game all around. So, that's why I'm not on the PGA Tour. I don't want to be that guy, I don't want to have my A+ game and still finish 15th. If I have my A+ game against club professionals, I'm going to win." 

No sooner did the clip go up did some golf fans ridicule Block. Of course, it has to be said his explanation was interpreted incorrectly. 

"Lol, not on Tour because he doesn't want to finish 15th," one wrote. "Okay, dude"

Another added: "You're not on it because you cant make it."

This Instagram user chimed in: "Y'all are taking what he was trying to say the wrong way. Struggling to make the cut week in and week out is what he knows his life will be. Which isn't fun."

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