Report: Patrick Cantlay's excuse after poor weekend display at Tiger's event

Patrick Cantlay reportedly woke up with a 100 degree temperature before the final round of the Genesis Invitational on the PGA Tour.

Report: Patrick Cantlay's excuse after poor weekend display at Tiger's event
Report: Patrick Cantlay's excuse after poor weekend display at Tiger's…

Patrick Cantlay was also suffering from the flu over the weekend at the Genesis Invitational, according to a report. 

Cantlay held a two-shot 54-hole lead at Riviera Country Club and it was anticipated he would duel his good buddy Xander Schauffele for the title. 

Instead, a six-way tussle ensued whereby a dawdling Cantlay and Schauffele weren't really in the mix. 

In the end, Hideki Matsuyama emerged with a truly remarkable three-stroke victory for his ninth PGA Tour title. He banked a cool $4m top prize.

Cantlay didn't make any excuses in the immediate aftermath of a sluggish weekend. 

But it has since transpired the American golfer woke up on Sunday morning with a temperature north of 100 degrees. 

The report came from Cantlay's coach, Jamie Mulligan, who told Golf Channel his player had 'some sort of illness'. 

It didn't go unnoticed that Cantlay wasn't the only player struck by illness last week, with both Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth not feeling too hot. 

Woods, 48, eventually had to withdraw from the signature event after only playing six holes of his second round. 

Report: Patrick Cantlay's excuse after poor weekend display at Tiger's event

He had a beautiful tee shot down the seventh hole but no sooner did he pick up his tee was he being whisked back to the clubhouse on a cart. 

Woods looked in agony and it wasn't immediately clear if he was struggling with back or leg pain. Or both. 

It was quickly established Woods had influenza and took himself out of the tournament after feeling dizzy

Paramedics were called and Woods was given an IV. He perked up and left the property a short time later. 

His long-time confidante Rob McNamara then told reporters: "So he started feeling some flu-like symptoms last night.

"Woke up this morning, they were worse than the night previous.

"He had a little bit of a fever and was better during the warm-up, but then when he got out there and was walking and playing, he started feeling dizzy.

"Ultimately the doctors are saying he's got some -- potentially some type of flu and that he was dehydrated.

"He's been treated with an IV bag and he's doing much, much better and he'll be released on his own here soon."

Spieth was also feeling unwell and it appeared his condition may have led to his disqualification for signing an incorrect card

The aforementioned Schauffele later told how Spieth was feeling so poorly he had to rush to the bathroom after his second round. 

"He was really sick and he had a rough last hole and I can see how it all went down," Schauffele said.  

"I heard he had to go to the restroom and came back like a minute later and the card was wrong."

Still, Spieth eventually saw the funny side of the situation with this self-own after Matsuyama was crowned the winner. 

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