Pro goes after LIV Golf's "cheating" Patrick Reed in craziest rant yet!

DP World Tour pro Mike Lorenzo-Vera has sounded off on LIV Golf player Patrick Reed over his latest rules fiasco in Dubai.

Pro goes after LIV Golf's "cheating" Patrick Reed in craziest rant yet!
Pro goes after LIV Golf's "cheating" Patrick Reed in craziest rant yet!

LIV Golf League player Patrick Reed may have been fully cleared in the eyes of DP World Tour officials, but according to one peer, the American "f****** cheated". 

We are talking about French pro Mike Lorenzo-Vera, who has absolutely blasted Reed over "tree-gate" that sent social media into a frenzy during the Hero Dubai Desert Classic. 

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Lorenzo-Vera is not the only pro who has gone after Reed. Ben An took aim at the 2018 Masters champion with this blunt response. 

As for Lorenzo-Vera? He's not a happy boy. 

He wrote: 

"I just don't understand how players stays silent after being robbed one spot by someone that cheated. Fantastic golf player. But Reed f***'n cheated !!!! How can you identify 100% something very specific on your ball that is not in the tree ??? How is the guy not DQ ????"

Pro goes after LIV Golf's

If you have somehow have not heard, Reed's tee shot got stuck in a palm tree on the 17th hole at Emirates Golf Club. 

Reed and an official used a pair of binoculars to identify the golf ball. Footage later revealed his tee shot appeared to land in a different tree

At the time, Reed was adamant he had identified his Titleist ProV1 with 100 per cent certainty. 

There was another plot twist when one of Reed's playing partners cast doubt on how he marked his golf ball

Reed later released a statement saying it was a non-issue and that in the moment he was asked to describe the "distinctive markings on the ball I was playing". 

This statement was ripped to shreds by Golf Channel's Eamon Lynch, though it should be said that Reed is suing the broadcaster for defamation

Renowned analyst Brandel Chamblee previously broke down the fiasco with a deep dive

Lorenzo-Vera has history

Lorenzo-Vera has made no secret of his disdain for LIV Golf. 

The 38-year-old pro was pretty upset last September when he didn't get into the field at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship as an alternate when there were several LIV players in the field ahead of him. 

Reed finds an unlikely ally

Reed eventually lost out by one stroke to Rory McIlroy in Dubai. 

McIlroy later defended Reed, despite previously accusing his rival of "not living in reality". 

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