Cobra AeroJet Irons: "The longest game-improvement iron of the year!"

Pure, powerful, precise - the new Cobra AeroJet irons are the longest, straightest game-improvement irons of the season. 

Cobra AeroJet Irons: "The longest game-improvement iron of the year!"
Cobra AeroJet Irons: "The longest game-improvement iron of the year!"
One of the longest game-improvement irons of all time; very forgiving; looks vastly improved on last year's model; a fair price in today's market
Lack of stopping power compared to others

Cobra AeroJet Irons - Key Features

  • PWR-Bridge Weighting: innovative suspended bridge weight design enables 30% unrestricted flexibility of the face to unleash faster ball speed performance. The weight is surrounded by a soft polymer filler to tune acoustics for a better feel at ball impact.
  • PWRSHELL Face Design: insert delivers more flexibility across a larger area of the face for faster ball speed and higher launch.
  • H.O.T Face Technology: forged H.O.T face has been developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a hotter face. The face has strategic thicknesses to enhance speed and spin, over a greater area of the face for improved consistency.

Cobra irons always tick the right boxes for us here at GolfMagic, and the brand's latest line of game-improvement AeroJet irons have given us the biggest tick yet. 

So big in fact, they won gold in our best golf irons guide for 2023. 

If you class yourself as someone in that 10-20 handicap bracket, we would recommend these Cobra AeroJet irons for you.

If you seek something a little sexier looking and you're on the verge of slipping into single figures, you might want to check out our review of the Cobra Forged Tec irons.

While we find these golf irons to be extremely forgiving right the way through the set from 4-iron to pitching wedge, their most impressive attribute is without question distance.

This is all achieved thanks to the new PWR-Bridge Weighting, which was actually inspired by the Da Vinci bridge design of 1504. 

The goal of this piece of tech is to give you more flex in the face to hit longer shots. 

So much so, these irons have earned one of our top spots in our Best Golf Irons buyer guide for 2023. 

The same could also be said of the new Cobra AeroJet LS Driver, which also found its way into our Best Golf Drivers for 2023. 

Player Level

These irons are incredibly long. If you want to gain an extra club or two in distance without having to really work on your swing or head to the gym, then the AeroJet irons are most certainly for you. They're certainly up there with some of the most forgiving irons of the year, too. 

Full Video Review to come soon

Cobra AeroJet Irons - Looks and Feel

The Cobra AeroJet irons might seem a little chunky on first look, but they are nothing in comparison to the super game-improvement TaylorMade Stealth HD irons, which we consider the most forgiving new bats to hit the market. 

For us, the looks of the new AeroJet irons are much more appealing than last year's Cobra KING LTDx irons.

When comparing the 7-irons next to each other, the topline is much thinner and just looks a lot nicer at address. 

We also noted how the blade length is a tad shorter than Cobra's last game-improvement model, which again was pleasing to see. 

The colour combination of red, black and blue is much stronger than the orange of last year, too. 

But looks of course are very much a personal preference at the end of the day. 

We'll also note that when Cobra recently surveyed the game-improvement player market (10-20 handicaps) that only 6% revealed they bought new irons based on looks alone. 

When it comes to feel, 24% of game improvers said they considered that most. 

Pleasingly for them, given the power you receive out of these irons, the feel here was certainly more than acceptable.

These irons produced a hearty sound and strike out of the giant sweetspot time and time again.

They also offered great feedback for a game-improvement iron. You could really tell when hit one a little squiffy. 

Cobra AeroJet Irons - Forgiveness and Performance

You want more distance? Get these in the bag! 

Okay, these lofts have been cranked to the heavens, but still...

To put the lofts into perspective, the 7-iron weighs in at 26.5 degrees, which is the equivalent of a standard 5-iron. 

Compared to last year's LTDx irons, we were picking up around four yards of added carry distance on average with just about every club through the bag, which is quite incredible when you think about it. 

We also loved the forgiveness on offer, too. 

While not quite as forgiving as the max game-improvement Stealth HD iron for this year, which topped our most forgiving irons category for 2023, there is still plenty of help to straighten you up with the AeroJet iron. 

Even when you don't quite strike these irons out the middle of the club, they still give you a boost. When comparing some of our worst strikes with our best strikes with both a 7 and 8-iron, all our shots finished within 10 yards of each other, which we will take. 

The only slight niggle would be the iron's ability to slam on the breaks once hitting the dancefloor. The spin rate with these irons is fairly low, or at least a little lower than ideal. 

But when you consider the abundance of power ready to be unlocked in these AeroJet irons, it's probably not too much of a surprise. 

Let's just say you might be praying for a few back pin positions with them!

Should you buy the Cobra AeroJet irons? 

If you want added distance and plenty of forgiveness from a stunning set of game-improvement irons in 2023, then look no further than the new Cobra AeroJet irons.

These are the ideal golf clubs for anyone with a handicap between 10 and 20. 

The price also seems fair in today's market given the improved looks, improved feel, improved forgiveness, and dramatically improved distance.

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