Srixon ZX4 MKII Irons Review: "Perfect set for the mid-handicap golfer"

The new Srixon ZX4 MKII irons feature a blend of distance and forgiveness that makes them the ones to beat in the game-improvement category.

Srixon ZX4 MKII Irons Review: "Perfect set for the mid-handicap golfer"
Srixon ZX4 MKII Irons Review: "Perfect set for the mid-handicap golfer"
Fantastic forgiveness on off-centre strikes; refined topline looks great behind the ball; excellent feel for a game-improvement iron; can easily be put in blended set with ZX5 MK II irons
While distance and ball speed were retained on off-centre hits, you really feel it when you hit a bad shot, with more unwanted feedback that you would expect from a game-improvement iron

Srixon ZX4 MKII Irons - Key Features

  • MainFrame construction - Maximises flex at impact creating faster ball speeds as well as improved consistency and forgiveness
  • Tour V.T Sole - V shaped sole helps maintain clubhead speed through contact and improves turf interaction
  • Progressive Grooves - Unique groove patterns for long and short irons designed to optimise spin rates for different length shots

The Srixon ZX4 MKII irons are the ideal choice for mid-handicap golfers looking for a powerful iron that produces excellent distance and forgiveness, while also looking great behind the ball. 

We enjoyed these irons so much, they found their way into our Best Golf Irons guide for 2023.

Srixon has long been regarded as one of the most underrated club manufacturers and with the release of its new Srixon ZX5 driver and ZX MK II iron range, they have firmly planted themselves as one of the strongest brands on the market in 2023. 

With LIV Golf's Brooks Koepka having recently joined the brand alongside PGA Tour stars such as Shane Lowry and Hideki Matsuyama, Srixon are going from strength to strength.

The new ZX5 MK II irons and ZX7 MK II irons have already gone straight into our best golf irons guide. To see if the ZX4 MK II Irons could be joining them, Equipment Editor Alex Lodge put them through their paces in the video below.

Player Level

Mid-handicappers looking for a powerful and forgiving iron that can really help maintain ball speed and dispersion on toe or heel strikes. The larger head design and stronger lofts will make these one to avoid for the low single-digit handicap golfer.


Srixon ZX4 MK II Irons - Looks and Feel 

The Srixon ZX4 MK II irons look superb at address. The refined top line and hollow body construction reminded us of the TaylorMade P790 irons, while the matte chrome finish gives the irons a very premium look, aiding plenty of shelf appeal. 

With a sleeker design to their predecessors, these irons also look very compact behind the ball which will be good news for golfers who enjoy the benefit of a game-improvement iron, but prefer the looks of something a little less chunky. 

Higher handicapper golfers may look for something a little more confidence inspiring but as we will get onto later in the review, these irons still pack a hell of a punch. The performance of these clubs should quickly set any minds to rest when it comes to forgiveness. 

Game-improvement irons typically fall into the trap of sacrificing looks for performance, but with the Srixon ZX4 MK II irons you certainly don’t, which will appeal to golfers who prioritise aesthetics when buying their new clubs. 

The feel of these clubs is right up there at the top of what is on offer in the game-improvement category. Out of the middle of the clubface these irons are as good as it gets. However, we noticed a lot of unwanted feedback on strikes from the toe or heel.

Srixon ZX4 MK II Irons - Forgiveness and Performance

When looking for game-improvement irons, forgiveness should always be right at the top of your priority list, and thankfully these irons give you exactly that. 

We also noted these Srixon irons performed incredibly well with regard to distance and dispersion when not hit out of the middle. 

While these golf irons may not feel the best on off-centre hits, they performed outstandingly well across the board. 

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Even when we struck the golf ball out of the toe, it only led to a minimal drop off in ball speed and distance, a characteristic any player trying to get their scores down will appreciate. 

We used a 7-iron in this review and when you look at the numbers they were very impressive.

On better strikes, we generated a pleasing 142 mph ball speed with just over 5000 RPM and a carry distance of 210 yards.

At 28.5 degrees, the 7-iron is strongly lofted even by modern standards, allowing it to provide excellent distance for slower swing speeds. 

It should be said that with Alex being a low single-figure handicapper, these numbers don't accurately reflect the performance of your average golfer.

However, even on hideous toe strikes, the performance of these irons will give players who struggle with consistent ball striking, a great deal of confidence. 

Should you buy the Srixon ZX4 MK II Irons?

If you’re a player that’s looking for power and accuracy then look no further than the Srixon ZX4 MK II irons.

Both long and forgiving, these game-improvement irons are the ideal solution for golfers wanting to improve their ball striking.

Srixon has made these irons incredibly easy to hit and the strong lofts produce excellent carry distances for those who need help getting the ball to the target.

Although we noticed a drop off in feel from off-centre strikes, the performance more than made up for it.

Combined with great looks and excellent turf interaction, these irons are certainly the ones to beat in 2023, at least from what we have seen so far this season. 

These game-improvement irons are some of the best we have tested in their category and they should sit right at the top of your list for consideration if you’re looking to upgrade your irons this season.

If you are seeking a super game-improvement iron this season, then we would have to point you in the direction of the new TaylorMade Stealth HD irons

Srixon has also blended all of its irons so well that the ZX4’s can easily be combined with the ZX5’s for those golfers looking for a bit more feel with their shorter irons.

If you’re looking for premium performance in a compact and good looking iron, then make sure you check out the Srixon ZX4 MK II irons when you next get custom fit. 

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